The Good News Is... Storm damage brings new friends

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email 

KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC (WBTV) - More than one week after two tornados ripped through Kings Mountain, the damage is still all over.

Roofs blown off homes, holes the size of softballs ripped in siding, trees laying down with roots exposed.

James Ledbetter took his wife and four kids to safety just in time. When he returned to his mobile home, he found it nearly ripped to shreds.

But the story here isn't about how a tornado turned their lives upside down, it's about how strangers came out of the woodwork to help make things right.

Throughout the night volunteers with several local rescue squads and fire departments stood in the rain to board the blasted windows.

Strangers came by to bring food, cleaning supplies, and money to help the uninsured couple pay for the repairs.

It's the little things that are helping the Ledbetters get through the hard times ahead. They still have mountains of repair work to finish before the house can be called home again.

They've got so much to do, but number one on their priority list is to say "thank you".

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