Stretching Your Dollars... in the Garden

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you are toiling in the garden this weekend, here's a great way to save money.

Start a small folder and save those tags that go on all your plants.  The idea comes from's manager Jeff Rivenbark.

"If a plant dies in the year since I bought it, I just dig up the plant, put it in a garbage bag and take the tag to the store for a new plant or a refund," he said.

* * *

If you're looking for help in the garden or around the house, the Summer Referral List has been released by Queens University of Charlotte.

The University compiles a list of students willing to work, their experience and available hours.

The list is updated three times a year in the fall, spring and summer.  The cost is $20 during the school year and $15 for the summer list.

It's a great way for the students to find good work and for the community to know they're getting a list of students in good standing with Queens University.  The number to call for the list is 704-688-2794.