The Good News Is... Firefighters rescue kittens

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Who doesn't love firefighters and kittens? But what happens when firefighters don't love kittens?

Salisbury's finest still manage to pull off a daring rescue anyway.

Thursday evening, Karen Curry noticed a chorus of meows coming from a storm drain near her office. Curry has been feeding the family of kittens and their mother for the last few weeks. But Curry worried recent rains would drown the baby cats.

Fearing they had no chance, Curry got help from several nearby people. An off-duty Sheriff's deputy managed to pull off the storm drain cover, but the pipe inside was too small for a human to fit into.

With heavy rain approaching, the deputy called the fire department and within minutes, a rescue was underway.

Captain Tim Herlocker supervised the operation that ended with a fire hose shooting a low-pressure stream of water into one side of the drain, 4 kittens washed out the other side.

The fur-balls are now resting safely in Curry's parents home. They would be in her house, but the animal lover already has enough pets.

The kicker here? Captain Herlocker doesn't particularly care for cats, but the instincts of a firefighter don't allow for discrimination. There is no law that mandates a crew was even required to respond. But, the quiet screams of meows from a storm drain can melt even the toughest guy.

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