Goats could return to uptown Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)- Pet goats may return to uptown Charlotte. It all depends on a city council decision, expected as early as next week.

Homeowner Jeffrey Koenig had to get rid of his pygmy goats last October.

Animal control wouldn't let him keep them because it violated a city rule.

The city council may change the rules to allow people like Koenig to keep pygmy goats as pets.

Koening says they're a lot like dogs.

"They act just like a dog, they come when they're called. They're playful, they're really fun pets."

Koenig says right now the goats are staying in Caldwell County, but he'll bring them back if the city council changes the rules.

He says most neighbors want them back, but admits a few neighbors did not like having the goats living in 4th Ward.