The Good News Is... Preacher Jimmy went home

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - May 4th, I had the privilege to meet a man who's been behind the pulpit for 70 of his 99 years of living.

Reverend James Lambert usually goes by Preacher Jimmy. He's been spreading the word around Morganton and all over the country since he turned 30 years old.

I met Preacher Jimmy and found out quickly why people love him; he's once of the sweetest, most genuine people you'll ever meet.

Just 25 days after we aired the story on Preacher Jimmy, he quietly went on to meet the man he's been working for all these years. Friday night at 8:15, Preacher Jimmy passed away.

I got the e-mail with the news just a few hours after he passed. I immediately thought we should do a follow-up story, but I do the Good News, and how could a funeral be Good News?

When a man has lived his entire life to get to one place, and finally he makes it home... it's the best news.

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Kristen Hampton

WBTV Good News Reporter