Heavy rain means problems with mold and mosquitoes

By David Whisenant - bio l email

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - All the rain in this area had caused flash floods, but there's another problem you may not be aware of -- mold and mosquitoes.

Both can flourish in these wet conditions.  And it won't take long for them to become a problem.

Mold can cause breathing problems.

Carmen White of Lowe's says her store has some inexpensive solutions for water problems inside and outside of the house.

"The first thing we have here is the submergible pump," said White.  "Where there is dampness, this will pump it out of the house and help to keep it dry. We have a dehumidifier, you know what it does, it pulls the water out of the air."

Gutters need care now.  Too much water and dirt can cause grass and weeds to actually gow inside the gutters.

"If there is something growing out of your gutters it means they are not working properly," said White.

She suggested  flex connectors.  They connect to the downspout and direct water away from the house.

Another problem caused by the rain is mold.  It often shows up as a green haze on walls and outdoor surfaces.

Carmen White's solution is an inexpensive chemical wash.

"This house wash is very good for that, you just add it to your pressure washer and it will eliminate that problem for you," White added.

Standing water is also the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.  White recommends "mosquito dunks."

"They are used in standing water, birdbaths, fish habitats, places where you have water in your yard.

She also recommends spray on products.

"The foggers, the outdoor foggers, you just set this off, it fogs an area you'll be able to go outside and not have any problems."

The quicker things dry out the better off they are. Mold grows almost immediately in wet conditions.