The Good News Is... Lost ring makes its way home

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - The story starts in Hickory and goes through 3 states ending up in Marianna, Florida.

Years ago, Mack Isenhour's father passed away, leaving a box of lost and found items from his years at Highland Cleaners in Hickory.

Isenhour recently looked through the box and found a class ring from Mechanicsburg High School. The year on the ring, 1959.

Isenhour had no luck finding the owner of the ring. The only clues he had to go on; the high school name and the initials J.E.R. imprinted on the inside.

Mack sent me an email asking for help. I got busy Googling every Mechanicsburg High School I could find.

I found one in Pennsylvania as well as the phone number for a woman who graduated in 1959.

Pat Myers only took a few hours to come up with the name Joan Elizabeth Ruoss. She only took one day to put us in touch.

Ruoss moved to Hickory after graduating from Mechanicsburg High. She went to college at Lenoir-Rhyne. She lost her ring at Highland Cleaners and never knew it.

Isenhour is mailing the ring back to Ruoss who is now married and goes by Kandzer. Kandzer is living in Marianna, Florida and happy to celebrate her 50 year reunion, with her old ring right on her finger.

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