The Good News Is... Working the track for 50 years

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - The noise at Lowe's motor Speedway can be deafening. The fans can at times, be unruly. But 50 years of the heat, the stress, and the sweat have never been too much for Security Captain Dave Suddreth.

"I love helping people, I'd give 'em the shirt off my back if they want it right now," Dave yelled over the roar of practice engines. It was hard to hear, but following Dave around for a while, you get the point.

He went over to a group of military men and just started shooting the breeze. He stopped to shake hands with a man in a wheelchair. His job includes keeping people where they need to be and keeping others out of where they don't need to go. He lays down the law, but he's quick to crack a smile and a joke.

Dave has worked at LMS since it was Charlotte Motor Speedway. He's quick to tell you he's even worked there since the first shovel went in the ground to build the place.

He's made a life of working in a place he loves and says he'll never leave, or maybe a place that will never leave him.

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