Customers at tag office get their cars booted

By Jamie Boll - bio l email

Posted by Zack Smith - email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The booting continues today.

Customers of the license plate office who park in the front row are getting a boot slapped on their car just as soon as they walk away from their vehicle.

We showed you last night an elderly who got a boot.  She was even holding a handicapped parking sticker.

Another woman was trying to warn people not to park here.  She was kicked off the property.

Property manager Tom Loftus has refused to talk to us.  Sandra Elliot says Loftus told her, her office is too busy and takes up too much of the parking.

So, signs were put up that say no DMV parking.  One problem is, the office isn't listed as the DMV.

We also discovered, the booting going on last week was in violation of city ordinance.  Signage didn't include the name and address of the booting company.

Those signs were changed by Friday.  But we were told by the city attorney's office, anyone booted prior to last Friday could file a police report.  It will then be up to the DA's office to follow up.

The state attorney general's office tells us if you feel you were wrongly booted you could file a complaint with them as well.

Again, the license plate office has nothing to do with the booting.  The owner wants your business.  Just be careful where you park.

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