Missing woman's tag spotted

By Steve Crump - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) WBTV's Steve Crump has been following the story of a missing woman, and had new developments to share Monday.

There have been some possible sightings of her car, since last week.

At least two instances that we can tell you about.

One according to CPMD occurred on Saturday along I-40 in Hickory, and tonight we found a woman in Monroe who saw the car near a busy intersection.

Linda Benton was near the intersection Old Charlotte Highway and Airport Road, when she noticed what was Nikki McPhatters missing black Honda, last friday afternoon.

" I was looking at the tag wasn't thinking about who was driving the car,"

She said, and others told Linda they found the same vehicle.

" Two of my co-workers seen the same car."

Same tag ?

"Yeah they thought it was unusual the name on the tag also."

Spotting the tag  and finding  Nikki McPhatter's 2003 Black Honda may offer enough information in locating this missing woman who has not been heard from since May 5th.

"She takes her job responsible." Said Fran Eddings who is her friend, She adds, "There are mechanisms in place when you have to call in sick.She's never not report for work. This is not Nikki."

Nikki's face is now all over the airport, where she worked as a ticket agent for US Airways.

"Everybody is shocked. They're used to seeing her come in and out. She stayed to herself and minded her business," said neighbor Melvina Porter who  lives in West Mecklenburg County, and strangers in Monroe like Linda Benton who have seen the car, but didn't notice the driver,

" I did not. I was looking at the tag not thinking who was driving the car," Benton said.