Poodle stalls traffic on I-77

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Commuters headed to work Monday morning ran into a line of stopped traffic on northbound I-77 due to a small, white poodle running up the freeway.

Several drivers, trying to help the dog make a safe exit, jumped out of their cars to give chase on foot.

Each time the poodle out maneuvered them and kept heading toward uptown Charlotte. Those same drivers would jump back into their cars, get ahead of the poodle, get out and try again.

In the meantime, three lanes of freeway traffic crawled along for the safety of the dog and the people trying to get him.

The drama came to an end just south of the John Belk Freeway exit, when a dozen or more dog loving motorists stopped and surrounded the panicked pooch until someone could grab him.

There's no word on where the dog came from or where he was heading.

If you saw this incident unfold, please share your observations in the comments section below.