The Good News Is... Serenity on Lake James

BURKE CO., NC (WBTV) - Just 1 hour and 22 minutes from Charlotte, people in Burke County are proud to show off their pride and joy. It's the 6,500 acre serenity of Lake James.

It might just be Burke County's version of Lake Norman but not nearly as crowded. With vacation rentals and resorts all over, it's a great place to get lost. And actually enjoy it.

Maybe you don't like water, and a little altitude suits you best. Perched more than 3,000 feet in the air, you can look out over Linville Gorge. The mountains in Burke County offer hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails. From beginner to expert, there's something for everyone.

While you're heading up to check out two of Burke's beauties, stop by Perkins Country Store for a little flavor of the area. There's a big black lab named Jake that guards the door, but most of the time he sleeps, so you can just step right over him.

Burke is a big county with a lot of sights and low-cost vacation spots. If you're looking to get out of town but not too far, try a little piece of mountain life in the foothills.

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