Salisbury man quarantined in Hong Kong due to H1N1 should be released Friday

HONG KONG (WBTV) - There is good news for a man from Salisbury who has spent the last five days quarantined in a Hong Kong swine flu containment camp.

Cameron Kirker will be able to leave there on Friday.

Kirker and his traveling partner were sent by health officials to the camp after they stayed in the same hotel as the man who was diagnosed with Asia's first case of the H1N1 virus.

Kirker says Hong Kong is taking on the virus with zero tolerance which means officials will quarantine anyone who may have even remotely come in contact with the flu.

"We are restricted to walking the paths, staying in our bungalo and walking through the canteen," said Kirker.  "There's no freedom to go anywhere and that's what bothers most people, personal choices are at a minimum."

He says he's made friends with people from as many as ten countries and he'll keep in touch with them through Facebook.

Kirker and his friend have also been blogging for the Wall Street Journal.

Click the red camera icon located on the right to listed to our phone conversation with Kirker which was recorded Wednesday, May 6.