Weather Radios

Why should I have a weather radio in my home or office?

The All Hazards program is a public service of NOAA.  It is a system of towers that send out a signal to alert specially designed radios in people's homes and businesses.  With current technology, these radios can be set off within specified areas. In other words, you only receive warnings for your designated area.

How many areas can a weather radio monitor for weather alerts?

The radio has the capacity for six areas, so they be can set to alert for warnings in your area and also for areas where loved ones live.  Even at night when you are asleep or if the power is out, warnings will be received. This is critical, as 80 percent of all tornado-related fatalities in North Carolina occur at night.

How much does it cost?

There are no monthly fees such as with a cell phone and the radio sits by your bed dormant until activated by the National Weather Service.

Do weather radios transmit other types of information besides weather alerts?

Beyond weather concerns, the Department of Homeland Security and Civil Defense have joined the program to warn the public of things like terrorist attacks, chemical spills and amber alerts.  The current certified radios allow for 29 different warnings.

How much do weather radios cost?

These radios can be purchased at all BI-LO's in your viewing area at a special WBTV and Bi-Lo price of $34.99 from now through the first week in July.