The Good News Is... He's still spreading the word of God

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

Posted by Josh Roberts - email

BURKE COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - F.D.R. was elected president the same year Jimmy Lambert started preaching. He's been spreading the word for almost 70 years. In his time on the pulpit, the 99-year-old has worn out two bibles. He's on his third now, but he thinks it will probably be his last.

A long time ago, Pastor Jimmy planned to become a professional baseball player. But he found a new calling when he met a woman at a tent revival. That woman became Pastor Jimmy's wife, and he credits her with shifting his dreams from homeruns in the ballpark to grand slams in church.

Lambert says, "When I see a poor old sinner give his heart to the Lord, I say that's a homerun for God."

Pastor Jimmy doesn't have a sought after secret to old age; he says his diet is nothing special.

With a career that's spanned seven decades, he's never met his boss. But he says when he finally does, he'll retire from the job that's kept him standing all these years.

According to the preacher, "Last thing I do at night before I go to bed, I say Lord, if I don't see the sun rise in the morning, you'll take care of it, and I know he will."