Hire Me

"Hire Me" is a project we have started in light of the recession and record-high unemployment rates.  More people are competing for fewer jobs, making it more important than ever for job seekers to get themselves, and their resumes, seen by as many potential employers as possible.

"Hire Me" gives job seekers an opportunity to sell themselves to potential employers on air at 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. and, here, on wbtv.com.

Video resumes can be submitted via email at hireme@wbtv.com.  Your submission should include name, occupation, and three reasons an employer should hire you, all in 45 seconds or less.  Be sure to include the email address you would like us to use on television and on the web so potential employers can contact you.

We will also give job seekers the opportunity to record a video resume at area job fairs and networking events.  Event organizers can email us at hireme@wbtv.com or assignmentdesk@wbtv.com and we will try to have a photographer available to record video resumes.