Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill is ready to prevent swine flu

By Trent Faris - bio l email

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - Federal, state, and local governments, hospitals, schools, and businesses, all scrambling to finalize their game plans, as swine flu spreads.

While the virus is already in South Carolina, local health officials say they're prepared.  Pandemic concerns have our local South Carolina communities ready for a full flown outbreak.

Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill is ready to go to war against The swine flu, also known as the H1N1 flu virus

"It's been we thought out.   Avian flu really did us a favor I hope it never becomes a reality here, but given the potential dimensions of the avian flu pandemic built a fire under our planning a few years ago and we all took a look at how we'd deal with something like that, this is the result," said Dr. Richard Patterson, Chief Medical Officer at Peidmont Medical Center.

Dr. Patterson says the hospital is well stocked with 50 thousand masks and 28 thousand doses of anti-viral medication. Plus if any one walks into the Emergency room with with any respiratory issues staff will hand them a little goody bag filled with a small bottle of hand sanitizer, a mask and a package of kleenex.

In addition the hospital has constant contact with county and state emergency management.

"We update them hourly on how many beds we have how many ventilators we have how many doses of tama flu or other drugs we have so if there's a need in one part of the state and we have surplus then we shift," said Dr. Patterson.

He says the hospital is ready for anything the H1N1 Flu throws at them.

"As the president said it's not time to panic it's time to be aware, it's time to be concerned it's time to practice hand hygiene all you folks out there."