Updates from the Quail Hollow Championship

During the next few days, WBTV will provide updates about the Quail Hollow Championship, here, on wbtv.com.

Wednesday, April 29th

Christine Nelson and I made a short visit to the Quail Hollow Club this morning...and it was fantastic!

I've been to the tournament every year...and the course condition is as good as I've ever seen it.  It is green and pristine!

Christine and I followed Tiger Woods and his group for a couple of holes of the Pro-Am this morning...Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts one of his partners.  How do you find Tiger when you go out to the course?  Just look for the HUGE crowd of people!!!  What a contrast Tiger's crowd is compared to all the other golfers that we saw.  Zach Johnson is a former Masters' winner...yet the folks following him didn't even begin to compare to Tigers'!  Sergio Garcia, one of the tour's favorite players...a lot of folks following him, but nothing compared to Tiger.  And Camilo Villegas...a sharp looking guy who makes a lot of girls swoon...a drop in the bucket compared to Tiger!  There might be a couple of hundred folks watching the other golfers...triple, even quadruple that number following Tiger!

And keep in mind...today's the last day you can take use a camera at Quail Hollow...so take advantage of it!  The players are very receptive to having their pictures taken...as well as doing autographs!

And good advice from a medic out at Quail...wear very comfortable shoes that are good for walking!  He told me the number one ailment they treat... blisters!!  Also...be sure to keep hydrated out on the course!  Don't wait until you're thirsty...drink throughout the time you're out there!

If you love golf as much as I do...there's no better place to be than Quail Hollow this week!

John Carter

* * *

Tuesday, April 28th

Today is practice day for the players.  I saw many people taking advantage of practice time.  2009 Master Champion Angel Cabrera was on hole #5 practing his chipping and putting on the green.  He looked pretty comfortable.

Charles Howell, III, is back again this year.  He has played in all 7 of the Quail Hollow Championships.

The course is gorgeous this year. I spoke with course marshal's who tell me the course has never looked better.

All the chatter today is -- "Where is Tiger?"  So far, there have been no Tiger sightings.  We'll have more at 6 p.m.