Beef & Sausage Burger With Jack Cheese & Onion Jalapeno Relish

Sonoma Modern American
Presented by Executive Chef Tim Groody

All Natural Grass Fed Beef & Sausage Burger

With Jack cheese and onion jalapeno relish

Serves 4 - 6


1 ½ # ground grass fed beef

½ # all natural chorizo or sausage meat

1 tsp garlic chopped fine

1 T chopped parsley

1 T chopped oregano

Mix thoroughly .  divide into 4 or 6 patties.  Form using a ring mold or free form into 1 inch thick patties.  Season with salt and pepper and grill to your liking.


1 onion sliced

3 jalapeno cut into thin circles

1 T chopped garlic

2 T olive oil

1 T turbanado sugar

2 T cider vinegar

Soften onion, jalapenos and garlic in oil.  Add sugar and vinegar and simmer slowly until soft and mot of the liquid is gone.  The sugar and vinegar can be adjusted to your liking.


You will need brioche buns or a high quality bakery bun and sliced Monterey Jack cheese.  Grill burgers and melt cheese on top.  Toast the buns.  And build the burger.  Top with the relish, lettuce and tomato.  Serve and Enjoy!!!!!