Lingerie football team headed for Charlotte, newspaper reports

The Lingerie Football League's logo
The Lingerie Football League's logo

A new football team could be headed for Charlotte, but it's not exactly the kind you would expect.

According to published reports, the football squad is fielded with women who wear lingerie and play football -- and it is already in nine other cities.

Charlotte's team will be moving from Atlanta as part of the Lingerie Football League, according to a report published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Wednesday.

The Atlanta team, which would have been called "The Steam," was an expansion team this year, but had yet to find a stadium, the newspaper reported.

The league started in 2005. The women who participate wear bras and underwear, but do put on helmets, according to the league's website.

The teams compete on a 50-yard field with 7 players from each squad on the field at a time. Scoring is similar to traditional football scoring with the notable exceptions of no punting and no field goals.

The football league claims on its website that it "will offer the ultimate fan experience providing unyielding access to players, teams and game action."

It is unknown where the team will play in Charlotte or what it will be called, although the Atlanta newspaper said a decision would be announced later this week. It's unclear if the team would continue to be called "The Steam."

The league's schedule had been set to begin in September.