Perdue says she "doesn't really know much" about Carbon Motors

By Melissa Hankins - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - One company says Governor Bev Perdue just missed a huge opportunity to bring thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to Charlotte.

Governor Perdue was in Charlotte Wednesday to talk about a multi-pronged initiative to get more jobs to our area, and she talked about her commitment to recruiting companies to Charlotte.

"I have said very directly that show us an industry in any sector that's interested in relocating," Perdue said, "anywhere in the country, and we'll got there and tell them how great North Carolina is...GMAC is a product of that kind of work, the fact that they are expanding in Charlotte is great. But we can not sit around and wait for more GMACs to come."

Yet a company that potentially  could have brought thousands more jobs to town than GMAC, is saying the governor ignored them.

Carbon Motors is about to take off. They make futuristic cop cars, and they've been all over the press, because they were considering Charlotte as headquarters. But Carbon's CEO says Perdue never answered his inquiries about moving here, so he's had to move on...unless she reaches out.

WBTV's Melissa Hankins asked Perdue the following question at today's press conference: "The CEO of Carbon Motors [says] if you did give him a call, and talk to him specifically, that he might consider Charlotte again...will you do that?"

Her answer: "I will read the letter from my Secretary of Commerce and I will talk to any business that has a financial plan and a capital plan to make a business work, and that's all...I don't really know much about Carbon.

The North Carolina Department of Commerce gave WBTV a copy of a letter it says it sent to Carbon Motors on April 1, expressing strong interest in the company.

But Hankins talked to Carbon Motors' CEO today in New York City (there because he was invited to open the Nasdaq) and he is insisting he still hasn't heard from anyone in North Carolina.