The Good News Is... Retirement is for the dog

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - For 7 years, he's been one of the most fearless and loyal officers the Gaston County Police Department has ever had.

It doesn't matter that he's a 9-year-old Belgian Malanois drug dog.  "Amigo" is just like one of the guys.

Amigo has helped sniff out more than 200,000 pounds of drugs in his career. He's caught bad guys, literally, in his teeth.

Amigo doesn't have a mean bone in his body though.  He's just doing his job.  A genetic condition has caused Amigo to lose his eyesight which means he can't work for the police anymore.

While it might sound like a sad ending to a respectable career, Amigo won't exactly be bored in his retirement.

Click the red camera icon to take a look at some of the activities planned for his golden years.

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