Stretching Your Dollars: Clothes swap

Posted by Rod Overton - email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As the summer season rolls around, many parents are learning that last year's clothes are not going to cut it.

WBTV 3 on Your Side is taking a look at how to find new clothes that fit without breaking your budget.

Maureen O'Boyle started reporting on this story by asking a group of mothers if they were interested in unloading the clothing that doesn't fit their kids anymore and shop for clothes that would fit - and they wouldn't have to spend a dime.

Well, many moms were interested in the concept, which resulted in a large clothing swap at WBTV.

For example, 1-year-old Anna liked a pair of bright orange crocks.  Meanwhile, Imogen's mom spotted some white shoes for her daughter.

The clothing swap worked like this.  We set up in the WBTV lobby with the only ground rules that everyone brings a bag of clothes.  Nothing has to be returned and no one pays for anything.

Some moms found maternity clothing while others found different clothes for their children for the warmer weather - without spending money.

Randi's mom, Stephanie, contributed a huge bag of clothes that Randi never got a chance to wear.

"Not sure if this will work, Stephanie said. "It's nice to be able to help someone else out."

Planning is key for a clothing swap is critical.  Look for people at work, like WBTV did, or church or school.  The more people involved, the more clothing to choose from.

Make sure you have several age groups are represented. We had moms with older kids so that beefed up our supply.

Next, it is good to have a sitter on hand to play with the kids and keep them distracted. Maureen O'Boyle brought her daughter Keegan, who kept an eye on things.

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