The Good News Is... Missing ring found 51 years later

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - In 1942, Wilma Peebles held $10 for the first time. The 18 year-old used the money to pay for her Rock Hill High School class ring.

For years, the ring stayed on her hand. For years she treasured it as her most prized possession.

One day in 1958, Peebles was planting bulbs in her garden. It wasn't until hours later she realized the ring was missing.

For 51 years it sat buried somewhere in her yard. Earlier this month, Peebles mentioned the loss to a group of church friends. Two of the guys, Mike Plyler and Arnold Couick just so happened to have metal detectors.

The story goes on from here and you might guess where it ends, but you really should see the video. You can see how sweet Miss Wilma is, and you can see why she'll never let go of her treasure again.

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