John Modest leaving Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The principal of West Charlotte High School will be leaving the Charlotte Mecklenburg School (CMS) district on July 1.

John Modest will be taking a job as regional superintendent with Guilford County Public Schools.  In his new role, he will supervise over 25 schools.

The school board is expected to approve Modest's appointment during their meeting Tuesday night.

Modest is the second person to leave CMS to work under Guilford County Schools Superintendent Moe Green.

Prior to Green's appointment as superintendent, he was the Chief Operating Officer for CMS.  Modest is the second person to leave CMS to work for Green.

Nora Carr led CMS's public relations department before joining Guilford County Public Schools.

In a written statement, Modest told his staff, "I will be leaving West Charlotte with feelings of sadness, pride and excitement."

Under his leadership, Modests says West Charlotte High School's academic achievement has risen by 78.6 percent.

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(The following is a copy of the letter in which John Modest distributed to his staff on Tuesday.)

Dear West Charlotte High School Family,

First of all, let me say that I am sorry to share this information via email. I do however want to make sure my West Charlotte family is amongst the first to read about my announcement. I will be leaving West Charlotte High School to accept a position with the Guilford County Public Schools as a Regional Superintendent.  I will assume my new position July 1, 2009. Please know I will be leaving West Charlotte with feelings of sadness, pride and excitement.

I am sad to leave a very special school and community which have come to mean so much to me. I will always value the relationships I have developed with students, parents, colleagues, and the greater Charlotte community.  These stakeholders have been instrumental in "Restoring the Roar."  During my time at West Charlotte High School, we have designed and created a model where students who attend an urban high school are achieving academically.  We have shown conclusively that our students can be successfully when taught by effective and caring teachers. This model is worthy of replication and emulation on a national scale. In three years student achievement has risen at West Charlotte by 78.6 percent. This accomplishment is due in large part to the hard work and dedication of our teachers. The academic achievement of our students is something we should all be proud of.

WC pride is real and contagious. I am proud to have served as the principal of West Charlotte High School. Dub C is truly the pride of the Westside of Charlotte and holds a special historical significance. Since 1938, when the school first opened its doors, the school has not only served and educated generations of citizens who reside on the Westside of the city; it has also served and educated citizens from the greater Charlotte community.

I am excited about the next phase of my professional journey.  As a regional superintendent I will have an opportunity on a much broader scale to use the knowledge and skills acquired over a thirty plus year career as a school executive and teacher.  I will be responsible for twenty-five schools. At this point in my professional life accepting this promotion is the next logical step for me.

We have less than three months together to fulfill the academic goals set by the faculty in August. I believe this can be accomplished if our focus remains on continuous improvement, addressing budget and staffing issues, and preparing our students for their final exams. If we do these things our school year will end on a positive note.

As I transition into my new position, I will always feel thankful and blessed for the accomplishments we have achieved as a team. I want to thank you for embracing and allowing me to be apart of the Dub C family.  Go Lions!

With Lion Pride,

John Modest