Broughton wins appeal for recertification

(The following information is from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.)

RALEIGH, NC - Broughton Hospital in Morganton received notice today that it has won an appeal as an administrative law judge ruled that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services did not have the basis to decertify the hospital August 2007. The decision clears the way for up to an 8-million dollar reinstatement of Medicare and Medicaid funding.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Sec. Lanier Cansler said, "The evidence shows the hospital was providing the appropriate care and services and that the hospital should have maintained its certification.  I am committed to making certain that the patients in North Carolina's hospitals have the best care."

"This will have a positive impact on our budget picture", said Sec. Cansler. "We will start the process to collect the Medicaid and Medicare payments the hospital was denied over the roughly 10 month decertification period.  That process will begin immediately."

Broughton Hospital generates approximately a million dollars a month in Medicare and Medicaid in receipts, or almost one out of five patients who receive Medicaid and Medicare funds. Broughton is the second oldest state psychiatric hospital, serving 27 of the state's westernmost counties.

DHHS filed the appeal with the help and assistance of the North Carolina Office of the Attorney General, which represented the agency in the successful appeal.