The Good News Is... Age ain't nothing but a number

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's not everyday you run across someone who makes you feel like a lazy slob.

Dr. John Ranson makes me feel like my 67 excuses not to go to the gym, just aren't cutting it anymore.

Dr. John, as they call him at the Dowd YMCA, is 91 years young. He plays golf whenever the weather lets him. He goes to the gym 4 times a week. He takes a 45 minute cycling class from an instructor affectionately called, "The Sergeant". And he doesn't just sit on the bike, he wears it out.

Following the guy around the YMCA, it's obvious he's made a few friends in his many years as a member. His original Young Men's Christian Association membership card is dated, 1931, when Dr. John was 14.

He worked for more than 30 years as an internist in Charlotte. Prior to that, he served proudly as a doctor in World War II.

With 91 years of living under his belt, he says he doesn't feel old. He doesn't look it either. I asked him what's the secret to being such a spry old man? He told me it's all about diet, attitude, and exercise.

He says his wife talked to him recently about pre-planning for when "that day" comes. Dr. John said no and insisted he's not planning on getting off the bike any time soon.

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