Video resumes offering those unemployed a creative way to get noticed

By Melissa Hankins - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you're thinking of updating your resume -- and who isn't these days -- you might want to think about this.

Some savvy job hunters are going beyond paper to ensure employers see them.

"Any single job request could easily get hundreds and in some cases, thousands, of responses," said former Wachovia employee Frank Nicodem. "The difficulty is in making your resume, your skills and talents, stand out from others."

Nicodem just lost his job.  With the job market like it is, he needs to stand out.  He thinks a plain paper resume just won't cut it.

"You know a lot more about someone if you can see them even on a video than if you're just reading a resume," Nicodem said.

So, he's going to try something new.

He has put together a video resume and will even get it aired on public cable, thanks to "Let's Get Started," a grassroots organization that also helped Nicodem shoot his resume for free on Wednesday.

"There's a huge thing a video interview offers that the resume doesn't, which is personality," said The Resume Sage's David Pinkley.

He thinks a video resume will, indeed, give Nicodem an edge and others who are looking for employment.

"If you've got the right personality, I think you can stand out huge," he said.

Let's Get Going also offers additional services including advice on what you should say and wear in a video resume.

In the coming weeks, there will be more opportunities for you to get all the help Nicodem did, and it's all free.  Click here for more information about Let's Get Going.