Speak Out: Sanford Rejects Stimulus

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Money is tight...People are desperate..

And yet... South Carolina's Governor says forget it.

He'll refuse a quarter of the eight-point-two billion stimulus package unless Washington lets him use some of it to pay down debt.

Governor Mark Sanford says accepting the money as is won't necessarily create new jobs.

So now President Barack Obama is involved...

And Democratic stimulus supporters are putting television ads on-air that say Sanford is just playing politics.

Sanford's response is that it's not politics... and will the Democrats please remove their ads from the airwaves??

Come on people.

We thought we were in for a time of change.

This doesn't sound like change.

This looks like politicians playing parties against each to get their point across.

We know the stimulus package has strings attached.

But should the Palmetto state turn down an extra 700-million and wait until things get better?

No matter what Sanford does - the legislature can overturn his decision.

What do you think?

Should South Carolina accept the money?

We say write your representative and let them know how you feel about the stimulus.

Is rejecting such money a stupid move?

Or a morally impressive one?
Let them know what you think.

Afterall the politicians...helping to decide your future....work for you.

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