Speak Out: CMS Budget Cut Responses

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In a recent Speak Out, we asked you how you thought Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools could cut the 90 million it needs to cut, without cutting teachers.

Here are some of your responses.

"One...Gorman and other top officials take a pay cut. Two...Require fewer districts. Three...Suspend building schools you will already be short of qualified decently paid teachers."

"Cut out ALL Spanish services in CMS... There should be no bilingual services. English is the spoken language here."

"School Board...What are you thinking?....Cut yourselves...Teachers are OVERWORKED and UNDERPAID now and you expect them to double up because of YOUR misuse of monies.....BOARD...Cut your pay."

"One...Do not allow any overtime.  Max 40 hours per week. Two...Eliminate expense accounts and let the employees - yes, from the lunch aide to the  superintendent, deduct expenses off their tax returns. And three... turn off  (not standby or hibernate) computers when business/building/school is closed."

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