Pageland residents taking action to prevent burglars and other crime

PAGELAND, SC (WBTV) - The town of Pageland may seem like another dot on the map, but this South Carolina town of 2,500 residents is proactively fighting crime.

The tactics they are employing could be a lesson for other towns troubled with crime.

The town was spurred on to protect themselves after watching a report in which Anchor Molly Grantham did last November.

In the report, Grantham went to a state prison and interviewed inmate Willie Rice.  He admitted to breaking into hundreds of homes.

He told us how easily doors can be kicked in, why many residential alarms don't work, and why owning a dog can save your home from burglars.

Rice also told Grantham the main thing thieves try to avoid are people.  They don't want a homeowner or a neighbor to see them.  They don't want anyone to be able to identify their face.

Many who live in Pageland heard her interview with Rice and used the information we shared to protect their homes.

They created a neighborhood watch and are now watching out for each other like never before.

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