Forever Family: Meet Anthony

Forever Family: Meet Anthony

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Firefighters nurse tiny hummingbird back to health with bottle cap of water

"You can teach almost anyone how to be a firefighter, a medic or just about anything imaginable. What is virtually impossible to teach is compassion."

Charlotte's 'Cat Cafe' celebrating success stories with adoptions

Mac Tabby Cat Cafe' has adopted out 86 cats since they've been open.

VIDEO: Reporter Kristen Hampton goes viral testing out clip-on bangs

WBTV's Good News reporter Kristen Hampton added Justin Beiber inspired bangs to her hair in an attempt to cover up the forehead hickies she developed after trying out anti-wrinkle face cups.

Woman faces failure head-on with her own line of lipsticks

Gabby Bristol overcame failure after perfecting her lipstick line Be Moxie.

'Punched by circles!' WBTV's Kristen Hampton tests Suction-Happy Facial Massage Cups

She's armed with a handful of "face suckers" that she chose ("Only $10!") and a can-do attitude, so viewers should be warned that excessive cringing and laughing will ensue.

'Life's short': He left his full-time job to make banjos

So far his leap of faith has paid off. His backlog is long but his banjos are now all over the world.

Oldest NC woman celebrates 113th birthday, but new info reveals she may be even older

Whether it be 113 or 114, we wish Ms. Hester Ford a very Happy Birthday!

Rock Hill Schools announce Teacher of the Year at pep rally

After a long summer of vacationing, relaxing, and enjoying a break, leaders from the Rock Hill School district wanted to get teachers and faculty back into the swing of things in a big way.?

Man rescues marmoset monkey, trains him as emotional support animal

But perhaps the biggest smile "Spanky" brings is to his owner.

  Firefighters build bench for kids waiting at bus stop

Using donated materials and some of their own, the group from 'A Shift' crafted a hand-made bench in between calls.?

Officer raising money for man he once arrested

It's one last thing he can do to assure his friend can rest in peace.

Skittish rescue dog ran away, 3 years later, a tragic miracle brought her home

Colleen Sowers never gave up hope that one day, Honey would come back home. Sowers runs Peanut's Place Small Dog Rescue in Matthews. In 2014, Honey was adopted out to an owner in Sowers' neighborhood, but she escaped.

'Prayer tree' brings hundreds of people together

Take a moment to read the prayers, it might just make your day.

Little girl planning an unusual birthday party

When her mom suggested the idea, she went right for it.

Animal control gets creative after running out of carriers following 100+ adoptions

It's a huge win for the shelter which sent out an alert last Friday, they were at full capacity with their cats and kittens and needed help to clear the shelter.

Woman's mission of helping needs help

The pantry is growing crowded, and can't help as many people. They need space - and more volunteers.?

Paramedic rescues baby squirrel, the two become 'friends'

It's Jesse Wolfram's job to save lives. The Charlotte MEDIC employee is a paramedic, and recently found himself attempting to save a life that wasn't human. "It had been outside in the rain for a long time and we weren't sure it was going to make it," Wolfram said.

Adorable kittens need homes fast, so we made dating profiles for them

The shelter is hoping a little publicity might get folks to come and adopt all the adorable faces.?

VIDEO: Man spends thousands on fireworks show 'to bring people together'

Wesley White doesn't mince words when jaws drop at the $3,000 price tag of his fireworks, "I love it. I don't regret it. I'm blessed to have it."

  Ivy the Aussie becomes internet star with incredible tricks

Ivy started gaining popularity on Instagram when her mom posted videos of the dog painting on canvas. That's when we first introduced you to the talented K9.

Who put this sign in an abandoned parking lot?

The sign proclaimed its planted spot as the same spot the couple met.

The Bold & the Beautiful

Click here for a synopsis of The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Young and The Restless

Synopsis for recent episodes of The Young and the Restless.

Two boys survive shooting, 'adopt' police officer who responded

The two brothers survived the shooting, but their lives were forever changed by the relationship they now have with one of the responding officers.

Father challenges All-American football sons to a foot race for his 50th birthday

Benjamin, Uriah and Christian Lemay might not have expected their dad to win, but they certainly expected he'd at least show up and keep his promise he made to his sons.

No need to call 911, this car is supposed to be driving in a lake

"Some people think I'm crazy, which you just about have to be to drive this thing," Morrison said.

Huntersville kids hone their knowledge at 'Safety Town'

In the sessions, kids learn about gun safety, fire safety, and pedestrian safety with a life-like road course.

Pregnant woman, past due date, attempts to 'dance baby out'

Hayley and her husband Matt videotaped their induction endeavor in hopes of making people smile, and also actually inducing the baby. Only the smiling part worked.?

Kids explain the most beautiful reason they can't keep lemonade stand earnings

The idea of putting their earnings towards a good cause wasn't even debated.

  Receptionist ends school year with amazing intercom serenade

On Wednesday afternoon, Ballard picked up the intercom receiver and started the music to Etta James' "At Last."

Why the raccoon climbing a skyscraper was one of the most important stories of the week

While people may not remember this story in a year, let's hope they never forget that time a raccoon brought the world together.

Her age is sworn to secrecy, but she's owned the same clothing store for 65 years

She calls her customers "friends," and if you look around her store, it's clear that her friends adore her.

VIDEO: Soldier returns home to grateful German Shepherd

In video taken by Morgan's parents, an excited Raina is seen showering her long lost dad with playful kisses and even rolling over for belly rubs.

NICU nurse serenades stressed mother of twin preemies

Most parents wouldn't understand the stresses that come with having a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. Charmaine Martin has two babies in the NICU at Carolinas Healthcare System in University City.

WHO DID IT? Huntersville's "Cone Weed" mysteriously decorated for Christmas

The west side of the Town of Huntersville has a new shining star, and it's a weed. Just an old lowly weed that grew up over the summer inside of an orange safety cone on the side of the road.

Young rooster and elderly goat become the best of friends

Four years ago, Billy was attacked by dogs and almost killed. His rehab took weeks. During that time, a young rooster named Samoa seemed to take a liking to the old guy.

Martial arts camp to prevent bullying

Giving children the confidence they need to outwit a bully is the goal of a Charlotte-area summer camp.PRO Martial Arts offers what it calls the ARMOR program, which according to it's website, is an "exclusive bullying and predator prevention program that teaches children how to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world.".

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