Charlotte's 'Cat Cafe' celebrating success stories with adoptions

VIDEO: Reporter Kristen Hampton goes viral testing out clip-on bangs

Woman faces failure head-on with her own line of lipsticks

'Punched by circles!' WBTV's Kristen Hampton tests Suction-Happy Facial Massage Cups

'Life's short': He left his full-time job to make banjos

Oldest NC woman celebrates 113th birthday, but new info reveals she may be even older

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  Rock Hill Schools announce Teacher of the Year at pep rally

Man rescues marmoset monkey, trains him as emotional support animal

Firefighters build bench for kids waiting at bus stop

Officer raising money for man he once arrested

Skittish rescue dog ran away, 3 years later, a tragic miracle brought her home

'Prayer tree' brings hundreds of people together

  Little girl planning an unusual birthday party

When her mom suggested the idea, she went right for it.

Animal control gets creative after running out of carriers following 100+ adoptions

It's a huge win for the shelter which sent out an alert last Friday, they were at full capacity with their cats and kittens and needed help to clear the shelter.

  Woman's mission of helping needs help

The pantry is growing crowded, and can't help as many people. They need space - and more volunteers.?

Paramedic rescues baby squirrel, the two become 'friends'

It's Jesse Wolfram's job to save lives. The Charlotte MEDIC employee is a paramedic, and recently found himself attempting to save a life that wasn't human. "It had been outside in the rain for a long time and we weren't sure it was going to make it," Wolfram said.

  Adorable kittens need homes fast, so we made dating profiles for them

VIDEO: Man spends thousands on fireworks show 'to bring people together'

Ivy the Aussie becomes internet star with incredible tricks

Who put this sign in an abandoned parking lot?

The Bold & the Beautiful

The Young and The Restless

  Two boys survive shooting, 'adopt' police officer who responded

The two brothers survived the shooting, but their lives were forever changed by the relationship they now have with one of the responding officers.

Father challenges All-American football sons to a foot race for his 50th birthday

Benjamin, Uriah and Christian Lemay might not have expected their dad to win, but they certainly expected he'd at least show up and keep his promise he made to his sons.

No need to call 911, this car is supposed to be driving in a lake

"Some people think I'm crazy, which you just about have to be to drive this thing," Morrison said.

Huntersville kids hone their knowledge at 'Safety Town'

In the sessions, kids learn about gun safety, fire safety, and pedestrian safety with a life-like road course.

Pregnant woman, past due date, attempts to 'dance baby out'

Hayley and her husband Matt videotaped their induction endeavor in hopes of making people smile, and also actually inducing the baby. Only the smiling part worked.?

Kids explain the most beautiful reason they can't keep lemonade stand earnings

The idea of putting their earnings towards a good cause wasn't even debated.

  Receptionist ends school year with amazing intercom serenade

On Wednesday afternoon, Ballard picked up the intercom receiver and started the music to Etta James' "At Last."

Why the raccoon climbing a skyscraper was one of the most important stories of the week

While people may not remember this story in a year, let's hope they never forget that time a raccoon brought the world together.

Her age is sworn to secrecy, but she's owned the same clothing store for 65 years

She calls her customers "friends," and if you look around her store, it's clear that her friends adore her.

VIDEO: Soldier returns home to grateful German Shepherd

In video taken by Morgan's parents, an excited Raina is seen showering her long lost dad with playful kisses and even rolling over for belly rubs.

NICU nurse serenades stressed mother of twin preemies

Most parents wouldn't understand the stresses that come with having a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. Charmaine Martin has two babies in the NICU at Carolinas Healthcare System in University City.

WHO DID IT? Huntersville's "Cone Weed" mysteriously decorated for Christmas

The west side of the Town of Huntersville has a new shining star, and it's a weed. Just an old lowly weed that grew up over the summer inside of an orange safety cone on the side of the road.

Young rooster and elderly goat become the best of friends

Four years ago, Billy was attacked by dogs and almost killed. His rehab took weeks. During that time, a young rooster named Samoa seemed to take a liking to the old guy.

Martial arts camp to prevent bullying

Giving children the confidence they need to outwit a bully is the goal of a Charlotte-area summer camp.PRO Martial Arts offers what it calls the ARMOR program, which according to it's website, is an "exclusive bullying and predator prevention program that teaches children how to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world.".

Message for DIRECTV subscribers

A message for DIRECT TV subscribers about WBTV programming.

BREAKING: Raycom Media reaches agreement in principle with DIRECTV

DirecTV subscribers should begin receiving their favorite Raycom Media stations before 2:30 pm Eastern if not sooner.

CBS News: Dr. Maya Angelou dies at her Winston-Salem home

CBS News has confirmed that Dr. Maya Angelou has died at her Winston-Salem home.She was 86.A poet, author and civil rights legend, Angelou spent her latter years as a professor at Wake Forest University.More

This TV on WBTV

WBTV has launched a great set of programming on our second digital channel (3.3) -- the network is called This TV and features classic TV shows and great movies!

CRVA to review pay policies

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority is proud of the figures connected to this year's CIAA basketball tournament. Its Chief Executive Officer Tim Newman shared the news with board members this morning. "We

As the World Turns

Click here for a synopsis of As the World Turns.

Channel Listings

Click here for a list of our channel listings.

Special Primetime Programming for June 24

On June 24, WBTV will air a special movie and pre-empt CBS shows. Programming schedule update for Thursday, June 24 th

Game TV air times and WBTV programming changes

Find out when NCAA games will air on WBTV-TV and what will happen with the shows that normally appear during those times.

Where to find WBTV on Time Warner Cable

WBTV is changing channels on Time Warner digital cable (the changes will affect DIGITAL CUSTOMERS ONLY ).  We will remain "Channel 2" on Time Warner Cable for customers without a digital box.  Click here for more details...

2010 ACC Tournament games now underway

WBTV will air the 2010 ACC Tournament which starts Thursday, March 11.  On Thursday, March 11, WBTV will air ACC basketball from noon to 5 p.m.

Programming note for Tuesday, Jan. 26

WBTV will be airing the UNC @ NC State ACC Basketball Game tonight (1/26/10) from 9-11 p.m.  Regularly scheduled programming will air early Wednesday morning as follows: NCIS LA ( 2:37-3:37 a.m.) and The Good Wife (3:37-4:37 a.m.).

Turf War: Charlotte's 30 Year Battle

On Thursday April 9 th , Molly will be hosting a 30-minute special which looks into how Charlotte gang life began, and how it grew.  She'll investigate motorcycle gangs in the 1970's, to what went on in the 1980's, 1990's, the early part of this century and what we're looking at now.  Click here for more details...


Due to tonight's rebroadcast of "WBTV: 60 Years On Your Side" from 9-10 pm, the CBS show "Medium" will air on Saturday from 3:32-4:32 am.

Press Release for 50th Anniversary

Click here to see the press release announcing the 50th Anniversary in 1999.


WBTV Chronology FEBRUARY 1947 Jefferson Standard Broadcasting buys land on top of Spencer Mountain in Gaston County to serve as the transmitter site for WBT-FM radio. WBT General Manager Charles H.

DTV Transition

By law, full-power television stations nationwide must end their analog broadcasts and begin broadcasting exclusively in a digital format after June 12, 2009 . While the benefits of DTV are remarkable, millions of households that receive broadcast TV through antennas risk losing reception unless they upgrade and take the steps to receive a digital signal. Read our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about how you can prepare for the switch to DTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

By law, full-power television stations nationwide must end their analog broadcasts and begin broadcasting exclusively in a digital format after June 12, 2009 . While the benefits of DTV are remarkable, millions of households that receive broadcast TV through antennas risk losing reception unless they upgrade and take the steps to receive a digital signal. Read our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about how you can prepare for the switch to DTV.

CBS picks up "The Amazing Race" for its 15th sprint around the world

CBS has ordered the 15 th edition of the six-time Emmy Award-winning reality series THE AMAZING RACE, hosted by Phil Keoghan, for broadcast during the 2009-2010 season.

Due to overwhelming viewer feedback, WBTV will re-air the following special...

"The Point After with D&D: Lowe's Motor Speedway 50th Anniversary Special, A drive down memory lane" will re-air on Friday, June 12 at 8 p.m.  "Ghost Whisperer" will be pre-empted and will reair on Saturday, June 13 between 2:37 - 3:37 a.m.

Terms You Need to Know

Take this cheat sheet along when you go shopping.

What You Should Know Before You Buy

No need to feel overwhelmed by the Digital TV transition; here's what you need to know before you go shopping for updated equipment.

It's High Time for High-Def

With a federal deadline changing the way TV signals are broadcast less than two years away, now is the time to purchase an HDTV. This primer will help you figure out what to buy.

Title III--Digital Television Transition and Public Safety

The Title which sets a firm date of February 17, 2009 for the cessation of Analog broadcasts.

TV Types: Facts at a Glance

Confused about the differences between Analog, DTV and HDTV?  Get quick info here.

DTV Glossary

You don't need to learn a new language to read or talk about DTV.  Here's a glossary to help you understand what everyone's talking about!


Looking for information on DTV?  Check here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

WBTV to perform DTV test on Tuesday, April 14

WBTV will perform a shutdown of our analog signal on Tuesday, April 14 at approximately 7:30 p.m.  If you are ready for the "Big Switch" on June 12, you will not be affected by this test.

Programming schedule

Monday, April 6th 8-9 p.m. Countdown to the Championship (WBTV Local Sports Special) 9-11:30 p.m. NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game (CBS) TIP TIME WILL BE AT APPROXIMATELY

Black History Special Programming

As part of Black History Month, WBTV will be airing several of the documentaries written and produced by our own Steve Crump.  These documentaries will air on the weekend afternoons of 2/14, 2/21 and 2/22.   Click here for details...

Choosing an Antenna

With a good indoor or outdoor antenna, you will maximize your DTV reception. In general, dependable reception of DTV will require the same type of antenna that currently works to provide good quality reception of analog TV signals.  However, after June 12, 2009 some television stations will be moving to a different channel in a different frequency band that may require a different antenna type from the one you may now have.  Click here for more information...

Converter Box Details

A DTV converter box is an easy-to-install electronic device that hooks up to your analog television set and over-the-air antenna and converts the digital television signal into analog, making it viewable on your analog TV. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will issue up to two converter box coupons valued at $40 each to households to help defray the cost of the converter box.  Click here for more information...

Who's Affected?

Consumers who receive over-the-air television signals through antennas on television sets that are equipped with analog tuners - and who do not subscribe to cable, satellite or a telephone company television service provider - will be affected by the transition.  Click here for more information...

Why the Switch?

DTV is a more flexible and efficient technology than the current analog system. The switch to digital broadcasting will enable television stations to offer dramatically clearer pictures, better sound quality and more programming choices.  Click here for more information...

What is DTV?

Digital television (DTV) is an innovative new type of over-the-air broadcasting technology that enables TV stations to provide dramatically clearer pictures and better sound quality.  DTV is more efficient and more flexible than the traditional broadcast technology known as analog.  Click here for more information...

Satellite Customers

No action is required for those who satellite TV service subscribers. Satellite providers will allow you to receive digital television signals on your analog television set. No additional equipment will be required. This includes 4x3 and 16x9 televisions. It is advised you double check with your service provider.  Cable customers may need a conversion box. Please contact your cable provider for more information.

Holiday Programming

Click here to see a complete list of dates and times for holiday programming on WBTV.

60 MINUTES - Road to the White House

60 MINUTES devotes its entire hour to Barack Obama's historic journey to the  White House - a journey 60 MINUTES cameras and Steve Kroft have chronicled for nearly two years.  The most complete picture of the Obamas to date includes never-before-seen footage and the best moments from highly acclaimed 60 MINUTES segments and interviews with his family and closest advisors, including his first post-election sit-down with Kroft.

WBTV to conduct DTV test tonight

WBTV will be doing a DTV soft shut-down test tonight at 7:32 pm that will last for 2 minutes.  Click here for more details.

WBTV apologizes for our HD signal this evening...

We are currently experiencing technical difficulty with our HD signal. It is being repaired and we hope to have CBS programming in HD as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


You can find WBTV in HD at the following locations: Time Warner Cable - 225 Charter Cable - 784 Direct TV - 3 Dish - 6484