NC District 9 Investigation

  Filing for NC-09 over with 10 Republican candidates, McCready sole Democrat

The election comes after the State Board of Elections voted unanimously in favor of a new election after a hearing on election fraud and absentee ballot tampering in Bladen County.

  Search warrants offer first details of NC-9 criminal investigation

  Federal investigators issue subpoenas in NC-9 investigation

  Fifth arrest made on election-related crimes connected to NC-9 investigation

  Former Meck County commissioner announces candidacy in new election for NC-09

WBTV among media coalition seeking to unseal search warrants in NC-9 investigation

  Dowless makes court appearance as election investigators meet with prosecutor

Continued Coverage

  NCSBE sets date for new 9th Congressional District election

  2 local politicians announce they’re not running for NC-9 house seat

  Four indicted with McCrae Dowless still not arrested

  EXCLUSIVE: McCrae Dowless, key figure in NC-9 election fraud case, speaks to WBTV after release from jail

  McCrae Dowless indicted, charged with election-related crimes during NC-9 investigation

  Bladen Co. Improvement Association President says he was tipped off about absentee ballot investigation

  Mark Harris announces he will not run in NC District 9 special election

Harris, who was the unofficial winner of the 9th District election in November, made the announcement just days after a four-day hearing into alleged election fraud held by the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

  NC Democrats pledge to support Bladen Improvement Association

The Bladen County Improvement Association was brought up time and time again at the 9th Congressional District election hearings.

  Former Gov. Pat McCrory won’t run in District 9. He’s focused on two other big NC races.

Former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said he will not run in the District 9 race. McCrory made the announcement Monday morning on the WBT News radio show, answering a question on the minds of many.

  Sealed search warrants show SBI sought bank, phone records of McCrae Dowless in NC-9 investigation

Two sealed search warrants filed by Wake County District Attorney Lorin Freeman and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation are providing the first clues as to the nature of the criminal investigation into allegations of election fraud in the 9th Congressional District.

  Democrat Dan McCready running for special election in NC09

What’s next for NC-09 election?

  State Board of Elections votes unanimously to hold new election in NC District 9

  ‘It’s clear the public’s confidence in the election has been undermined’: Mark Harris calls for new NC-9 election

  A Bladen Co. voter died before election day. His absentee ballot still counted

  New Elections board gets briefing on NC-9 investigation

Gov. Cooper makes new NCSBE appointments as NC9 investigation continues

“North Carolinians deserve fair and honest elections, and I am confident this board will work to protect our electoral process,” said Gov. Cooper, in a statement after the appointments.

  Judge denies petition to certify Harris in NC-9 race

A judge in Wake County denied a petition Tuesday morning that would have certified the results of the 9th Congressional District race.

  Dan McCready blasts Mark Harris over NC election fraud investigation

Dan McCready pulled no punches during his first extended comments in weeks about the ongoing election fraud investigation in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District.

  McCready, NCSBE ask for judge to deny Harris’ petition in NC09 case

Democrat Dan McCready and the North Carolina State Board of Elections both want a judge to deny Republican Mark Harris' petition to certify the 9th Congressional District race and declare him the winner.

  Harris on running from reporters: ‘I regret it’

Republican Mark Harris says he regrets avoiding reporters after a local GOP board meeting on Monday night. After the meeting Harris took off down an emergency exit stairwell and set off an alarm when leaving the ground floor door. He then drove away when his car without answering reporters questions

  Mark Harris runs from reporters at government building in Charlotte

Republican Mark Harris ran from a group of reporters and set off a fire alarm at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government building Monday night.

  Exclusive: Documents reveal voters targeted by Harris campaign contractor for absentee votes

Documents obtained exclusively by WBTV are providing the first look inside the absentee ballot operation of a Bladen County political operative hired by Mark Harris’ 2018 campaign for Congress, which is under scrutiny as part of a wide-ranging investigation into alleged election fraud.

  Records show NCSBE Chair had frequent contact with figure in NC-09 investigation during ’18 election

Records show the immediate past Chairman of the North Carolina State Board of Elections had frequent contact in the days leading up to the 2018 general election with a Bladen County Democrat who is among those interviewed by NCSBE investigators.

  Republican Harris decries ’political weaponization’ of Elections board as he fights for certification

Republican Mark Harris said ‘political weaponization’ was to blame for the decision by North Carolina State Board of Elections to not certify his victory in the race for the 9th Congressional District.

  Harris plans to file legal action seeking certification in NC-9 election

The campaign of Republican Mark Harris said he plans to file a legal challenge on Thursday that will ask a court to order he immediately be certified as the winner of the 9th Congressional District election.

Harris demands 9th district election be certified, elections board chair fires back.

Republican Mark Harris filed an emergency petition Friday morning requesting the North Carolina State Board of Elections certify the District 9 congressional, effectively declaring him the winner and seating him in Congress.

  New court ruling throws wrinkle into NC-09 investigation; new board must be appointed

A three-judge panel overseeing a lawsuit challenging the current makeup of the North Carolina State Board of Elections issued a new ruling Thursday night that effectively dissolves the board at noon on Friday.

  New accusations of election fraud in NC -09 race released by McCready team.

Sworn statements by voters and political power players in Bladen County accuse McCrae Dowless of collecting and trashing absentee ballots in the 9th Congressional District race.

  Central figure in NC-09 investigation refuses interview with investigators

A key figure in the ongoing investigation into voting irregularities in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District has refused an interview with investigators with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

  Lawyer for central figure in NC-09 investigation releases statement, denies client broke law

The lawyer for a man who has come to be a central figure in the ongoing scrutiny over potential voting irregularities in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District has issued a statement on her client’s behalf.

  NCGOP calls on elections board to immediately produce evidence or certify results in NC-09 race

Leadership in the North Carolina Republican Party released a resolution Monday calling on the North Carolina State Board of Elections to either hold a public evidentiary hearing to detail evidence of election fraud in the 9th Congressional district or immediately certify the race’s results.

  Exclusive: Mark Harris addresses voter fraud allegations in race for 9th Congressional District

Republican Mark Harris is speaking publicly for the first time since the North Carolina State Board of Elections voted to not certify the results of his race for Congress.