Fill Your Bucket List Foundation grants wishes for adults fighting cancer

Granting wishes for sick children is what “Make-A-Wish” Foundation has made possible across the country for years, but one North Carolina woman decided there was a need to do the same for adults.

Rabies case confirmed in Gaston County

NC House approves Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, measure sent to Gov. Roy Cooper

Sexually-transmitted diseases on the rise in South Carolina, per CDC report

  Black Maternal Health: Exploring the crisis facing Black Mothers

  Artificial sweetener found in gum, certain peanut butters can be deadly for dogs

  The first 4-year med school is planned for Charlotte, Atrium and Wake Forest groups say

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  NC lawmaker creates Black Maternal Health Caucus to address crisis

Warning issued to parents for Fisher-Price baby product after reports of infant deaths

  Limited recall of Hunt’s Tomato Paste cans due to potential mold

  ‘BPA-free’ is not enough: Charlotte pediatrician on the need to rid your home of plastics

  More Powerful NC: Statewide campaign to combat opioid epidemic

20-year breast cancer survivor featured on WBTV, dies

  Horse therapy organization in Monroe teaches self-worth

An organization in Monroe called Two Hearts One Language believes that can change lives. It pairs people who have experienced trauma with horses. The people who have tried it say it helped them heal and realize their inner strength.

Doctors say pale is the new tan

In an effort to maintain a sun-kissed look, many teens will start using tanning beds. But just one UV tanning session increases the chance of developing melanoma by 20 percent.

  Charlotte man describes numbness that led to Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

27-year-old Ben Cooper was just two weeks removed from getting married to his college sweetheart when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

  Local hospitals lift visitor restrictions due to plummeting flu cases

The lift will go into effect beginning Friday at 7 a.m. for Novant Health, Cone Health, Wake Forest Baptist Health, Randolph Health and Atrium Health.

  NC high school student dies after contracting bacterial meningitis

  Settlement reached in Hardee’s Hepatitis A lawsuit

Pioneering medical drone program takes off in North Carolina

Voluntary recall of avocados sold in AZ due to possible listeria

  Clinical trial coming to UAB could result in cure for sickle cell disease

  Financial assistance for Atrium patient stripped without notice

  FDA approves first postpartum depression drug for mothers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Tuesday that it has approved the first-ever postpartum depression drug for mothers.

  Celebrating Non-Scale Victories for Day 80 of #TeamNOSugar!

I read somewhere that the scale is a finicky foe. On your side one week and seemingly trying to kick you while you’re down (figuratively speaking , of course) the next!

  ‘You have to decide to open your mind to it even before you open your mouth to it.’ Charlotte doctor on re-training your taste buds.

If you're trying to eat healthier - but you just can't stand brussel sprouts or spinach, you can change that. It just takes training your taste buds.

  Steve Crump’s journey back to WBTV after battle with cancer

Sharing my illness openly, honestly and publicly was one thing - but living with and recovering from colon cancer has not been an easy task.

More lots of blood pressure medications recalled due to impurity

43 lots in total have been recalled.

Another 43 lots of medication used to treat high blood pressure, congestive heart failure recalled

Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging is voluntarily recalling 43 lots of medication used to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Do not stop taking the medication until you have a new treatment plan prepared by a doctor or pharmacist.

Nearly 200,000 pounds of ready-to-eat pork sausages recalled due to possible contamination

This recall is being initiated due to product tampering, following the production process.

78,000 pounds of ground turkey recalled due to Salmonella Schwarzengrund concerns

Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever.

  ‘I think it was meant for me to happen.’ 22-year-old youngest Colorectal Cancer patient Novant Health has treated

It's been a harrowing couple of years for 24 year old Charlie Robuck.

Rabid goat might have spread infection to nine people in South Carolina, state says

A rabid goat in South Carolina may have infected nine people with the disease, according to state public health officials.

  Teen raises cancer funds that could now help save her own life

The teen never could have known the money she was raising for several weeks with other students, would end up helping to treat her.

Raccoon tests positive for rabies after killing cat in Mint Hill

The attack happened on March 6 at a home on Alexis Drive, which runs between Allan Black Road and Whitmire Lane near I-485.

Facebook plans to pull anti-vaccine groups and pages to combat misinformation

The company intends to provide users with authoritative information on the controversial topic.

Fifth hypertension medication recalled in two weeks

This is the third recall in one week.

  Hospitals group pushes back on NC Treasurer’s proposal to change healthcare reimbursement

A proposal from North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell to change the way in which the State Health Plan pays for medical treatment for state employees and retirees is getting push back from the organization that represents hospitals in the Tar Heel State.

Restaurant owner’s hopes of getting a kidney from a loyal customer were dashed. What’s next?

The short version of Fran Scibelli’s story, to this point, is pretty simple: She needs a kidney transplant, and she’s now putting it out there publicly in the hopes that a random stranger will be moved to at least consider submitting to the process of seeing whether they’re a match.

  Charlotte organization aims to get children vision screenings before age 6

According to educational experts, 80 percent of learning is visual. So, if children can’t see well, they can’t learn well. Yet - most children don’t have a vision screening until they have problems learning or paying attention in school.

  Medical examiner: 4-year-old Euclid, OH girl suffered stroke ‘weeks to months’ before death, was ‘severely malnourished’

The coroner who performed the autopsy on Aniya Day-Garrett took the witness stand Tuesday afternoon to testify in the murder trial against Sierra Day and Deonte Lewis.

  Have bad breath? You could be making it worse. Here’s how.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, up to 80 million people suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath.

GRAPHIC: FDA warns against using ‘vampire plasma’ to reverse aging

The movement to look and feel younger continues to be big business – but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down.

  Skunk tested positive for rabies, attacked by dog in Cornelius neighborhood

A skunk in the area tested positive for rabies. The skunk was attacked by a dog when it went into the yard where the dog lives.

98 people have died from the flu in NC this flu season

That number is down from 212 flu deaths reported at this time last flu season.

  Novant Health’s new program to screen earlier to reduce postpartum mood disorder

More than 500,000 women will be diagnosed with postpartum depression or anxiety (also known as postpartum mood disorder or PPMD) every year in America.

  'This voice sort of starts playing in your head, I’m a terrible mom, I’m unfit.’ Pineville mom on surviving postpartum depression and anxiety

1 in 7 women will get postpartum mood disorder. That’s more than half a million women every year in the US.

Pollen season expected to be aggressive this year

Pollen season is expected to be aggressive in 2019.

New parents won’t get a good night’s sleep for at least 6 years, study says

Finally, science proves what parents have been feeling since the beginning of time, having a newborn absolutely messes up your sleep cycle.

  First rabies case of 2019 confirmed in Cleveland Co.

A raccoon found along a rural road in Lawndale has been confirmed as the first rabid animal identified in Cleveland County for 2019.

Adults vaccinated as kids may not be protected against the measles now

If you were born between 1957 and the early 70s, you may not be protected from the measles.

Scientists discover how to make immune cells better at killing cancer

Scientists have discovered by fixing a defect in 'killer T cells,' they could actual help the fight against cancer.

High blood pressure medicine recalled due to NDEA impurity

Patients taking this medication are urged to continue taking the medication as the risk of harm to the patient’s health may be higher if the treatment is stopped immediately without any alternative treatment.

Spain is the world’s healthiest country – the U.S. did not make the top 20

The U.S. dropped a spot because of deaths due to drug overdoses.

  ‘It’s like you have a new lease on life.’ Woman battling 20-year depression finds relief from little-known treatment

Many turn to anti-depressants to help them manage it and find relief. But for some, medication doesn't help – or just isn’t enough.

North Carolina health officials report 13 new flu deaths

North Carolina health officials say 13 people died from the flu in the state last week, raising the death toll for the season to 68

  Women who drink diet sodas more at risk for heart attack and stroke, study says

According to a new study, women who drink diet sodas have an increased risk of having a heart attack.

Gripe water for infants, adults sold at Dollar General recalled

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced is advising the public about recalls on a Gripe water product for infants and adults. The product was distributed throughout the United States by Dollar General Corporation.

  ‘Don’t make excuses... I was the master of excuses.’ Woman needs open heart surgery after repeatedly brushing off symptoms

A routine stress test stopped her cold. She’d made the appointment at the insistence of her husband, and her cardiologist handed her a grim diagnosis: the 57-year-old was dangerously close to having a heart attack with four blocked arteries

  Helping parents spot growth plate fractures in kids

If pain persists and gets worse following a fall, your child could have a growth plate fracture. The good news? In most cases the fix is an easy one.

Ohio teen defies mother and gets vaccinated after turning to strangers online

A high school student recently defied his mother and got vaccinated, saying his parents' misguided beliefs put his health, and the health of his younger siblings, at risk.

ICE officials conduct largest meth seizure recorded in California port

Authorities with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, in collaboration with several other federal agencies and Australian law enforcement officials, seized more than 1.7 tons of methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin destined for Australia.

  Pharmacist, doctor share flu safety advice after recent uptick in cases

Flu season can continue for several months so people concerned about potentially getting sick still have time to get vaccinated.

  ‘A little bell went off in my head.’ Heart attack survivor’s critical message for women

It’s the number one killer of women: heart disease. The statistics are staggering as 1 in 3 women will die from a heart attack in their lifetime.

  Flu outbreak forces closure of Ashe County Schools Friday

The district posted the following message on their website Thursday: “Due to the increase in the flu outbreak at all schools, Ashe County Schools will be closed tomorrow, Friday, February 8, for both students and staff.”

NC regulators cracking down on CBD-infused products; warning letters coming to businesses starting next week

Next week, North Carolina state regulators plan to send warning letters to businesses that are selling CBD-infused food and beverages, making unapproved health claims about CBD, or violating any other state or FDA law about the hyped compound.

FDA: Six patients reportedly die due to defibrillator malfunction, Stryker recalls

The device reportedly locks up after shock.

UPDATE: Infant ibuprofen recall expands to include three additional lots

Several lots of liquid baby ibuprofen sold at Walmart, CVS and Family Dollar has been recalled due to the potential of overdose.

  The cancer you can prevent: How guidelines, screenings for Cervical cancer have changed

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness month so we wanted to spotlight cervical health. Because this is a cancer you can prevent. It was once one of the most common causes of cancer deaths for American women - but the diagnosis and death rates have been dropping.

Atrium Health, YMCA of Greater Charlotte partner for new mobile health unit

New in 2019 - Atrium Health and the YMCA of Greater Charlotte are unveiling a new mobile health care unit for the greater Charlotte area.

  The one simple way to keep your child at a healthy weight

Experts say improving your entire family’s diet - and subsequently your child’s nutrition - is the simplest way doctors say parents can ensure your child stays healthy.

  Charlotte doctors prepare for peak flu season, send help to GA

The doctors expect flu cases to peak in two to three weeks, and will get more resources for their virtual visits then, to handle the influx.

  Experts issue fitness guidelines for preschoolers for the first time

How active is your child? Do you think they have too much screen time? New guidelines on physical activity for children just might make you consider making some changes to their daily routine.

  Are you at risk for high blood pressure? Why you need to find out.

Do you know your blood pressure? Unless you’re at risk for high blood pressure then you probably don’t know the answer to that. But since the beginning of a new year always makes our health top of mind, now is a good time to check.

  Glaucoma: The ‘Sneak Thief of Sight’ affects millions

January isn't just the start of the New Year, it's also a reminder to always get your vision checked. January is Glaucoma Awareness Month.

  After the holidays, doctors expect flu cases to rise

Doctors with Atrium Health are expecting to see an increase in flu cases to begin 2019.

‘If you don’t wanna help yourself nobody else will or nobody else can:’ Former drug user recalls battling addiction

Timothy Paul Wilson said he used crack cocaine for almost a third of his life.

Santa honors boy’s Christmas wish by bringing $1,200 for cancer research

After an 8-year-old asked Santa to borrow money for kids with cancer, word spread quickly among family friends and colleagues, and the boy found $1,200 under the tree Christmas morning.

Jennie-O recalling 164K pounds of raw ground turkey due to Salmonella concerns

Jennie-O is recalling approximately 164,210 pounds of raw ground turkey products that may be contaminated with Salmonella.

Blood pressure medication recalled due to ‘unexpected impurity’

According to the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited is voluntarily recalling two lots of Losartan potassium tablets,

  Atrium Health and Navicent Health sign strategic combination agreement

A press release states that Navicent Health will be a hub for Atrium Health for central and south Georgia.