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Cob Webs: To clean walls of cob webs and dust use a dust mop just for this chore. Elizabeth, KY

Crayon Stains: Using Baby oil removes crayon from any surface. Apply a little at a time and gently rub. Brings it right out! Shelly, KY
Put a little WD-40 on the wall and wipe with a cloth or a paper towel and the stain is completely gone! Joanie T., Florida
To clean crayon marks off tables and walls use a little after shave. Wipes it right off! Ideal for those that have small children that love to "display" their artwork anywhere or those that work in the childcare industry. Erika Canales, GA

Crayon: This tip is very handy for those who have young children whom enjoy expressing their love of art on painted walls! WD-40 will take crayon off of painted walls!! Spray it on the "masterpiece" and wipe off with a soft cloth, afterwards wipe the wall with warm soapy water to remove any greasy spots. Wendy Brown, CT
Use a damp cloth dipped in baking soda. Comes off with little effort, just a little elbow grease that's all. Connie Murphy, NC
To get crayon marks off a wall, use toothpaste (not gel) with a cloth and rub on the spot untill  the mark is gone. Then use a damp cloth to wipe the dried toothpaste away.  Carla Libbey, VT

Hardwood Floors: To get hardwood floors looking great mix 1 part Windex to 4 parts water then clean. You will be amazed! Lauren, CTorUse 1/3 cup of white vinegar in a half gallon of luke warm water. The vinegar helps the water evaporate quickly to keep water spots from appearing. Angie, OH

Heel Marks: To remove black heel (patent leather shoe) marks from floors, simply spray with hair spray and wipe clean before it dries. Lyndal Stuhr, MO

Linoleum Floors: Putting two capfuls of baby oil in your mop water can help leave your lenolium floors looking bright and shiny without your having to buy expensive products advertised on tv. Tomi, TX

Marks on Walls: If you have crayons marks, or paint scuffs on walls. Use the new Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They are wonderful for patio furniture as well. They have no chemicals in them or cleaner. Slight abrasive, but does not scratch walls! It is like magic. Kristi, IN
To clean cigarette smoke or anything else off the walls use Mean Green. Mix Half water with half Mean Green. Heather, AL
Antibacterial hand sanitizer is very good to remove ink, crayon, and other marks on walls.
Jean Donahue

Marks on Floors:
The easiest and fastest way I have found to get rid of those stubborn black heel marks on floors is to erase them. All you have to do is take an eraser and just erase them. I know this works because I had a mark that I tried everything I could possibly find to use and none of them worked. It really works and only takes a few seconds. Cheryl, KY
Spray WD-40 on the scuff and then just wipe clean with a cloth. Pamela, VA
To get rid of those black marks on the floor rub them with your feet wearing white cotton socks. Watch and be amazed as the mark just goes away! Denise, MI
Use a sneaker with a white sole and rub it back and forth over the mark. The friction gently removes the mark. Felecia, SC
Another way to remove those black marks on floors is to rub them once or twice with a tennis ball. The ball is easy to hold and works well. Tom Werner, AR
For black marks on your floors, use Styrofoam to "erase" them. An old Styrofoam cup works great!
Crystal Williams, TX

To remove black sole marks from floors use a panty hose and it will wipe right off. Tina Shipp, LA

For the "gunk" that builds up around the outer edge of the kitchen floor, I used "Greased Lightning". I just sprayed the "gunk" and let it sit for about a minute or so. The "gunk" wiped clean with my towel! Shara, TENN.

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