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Susan Burgess had a hand in landing the DNC in Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Many say the late-Susan Burgess had a big hand in helping to land the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte in 2012.

Her son, at-large Charlotte City Councilman Jason Burgess, says his mom was inspired when she attended the last convention in Denver, Colorado.

"We were talking around the dinner table," Burgess said.  "And she said you know what, we can do this here in Charlotte."

And as they say, the rest is history.  Democratic National Chairman Tim Kaine even credits Susan Burgess for getting the ball rolling.

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"The first person who talked to me about the convention," Kaine said.  "Was your former council person Susan Burgess, who within days after I had been chosen to be DNC chair came up to me at an event, introduced herself, handed me a packet and said Charlotte wants to be the convention city."

Landing the Democratic National Convention was a big project for Burgess, who died in June 2010.  Her son, Jason Burgess, was voted in to her council seat a week after she stepped down due to declining health.

Tuesday, the Charlotte City Council unanimously agreed to allow Burgess' son to read the motion to bring the convention to Charlotte. Burgess told WBTV that his mother would be proud Charlotte was the chosen city.

"She would be telling you that now is the time for Charlotte to shine," Burgess said. "We've got the rest of the country that will see what a great city and a great community we have."

The DNC comes to Charlotte in September 2012.

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