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Racial slurs, swastikas displayed outside home in Caldwell Co.

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By Tom Roussey - bio l email

GRANITE FALLS, NC (WBTV) - A local woman says she no longer wants to live in a foreclosed home she was about to buy after the neighbors put up a racist display.

A home on Campground Road in Granite Falls has a sign in the yard that says "No (n-word)s allowed" and has swastikas painted on it and nooses draped over it.  There are also Confederate flags nearby that have writing on them referencing the Ku Klux Klan.

Beth Jetton was in the process of buying a foreclosed property right next door to the home, which is in Caldwell County.  She would have had to use the driveway of the house with the racist display in order to get to the home on the property she wanted to buy.

Jetton says even though it may cost her a couple hundred dollars, she doesn't want the property anymore.

"I've been so angry about this.  I can't believe that people would do this in this day and age," Jetton said.  "They got away with doing this to me, and they won, I can't live next to them...I'll have to find another property.  Makes me want to sue them."

Jetton, who is white, says she doesn't know if the display was an attempt to intimidate her from buying the property.  She says it's possible African-Americans had also considered buying the property and the sign was meant for them.

A woman answering the door at the home with the racist display said she didn't put it up.  But when we asked who did, she didn't answer and eventually shut the door on us.  She didn't respond when we knocked on the door several more times.

Another woman who pulled up in a Mustang said she wasn't the property owner, but said the folks who lived there had a reason for the display.

"There is an explanation, and it's a damn good one," she told us.  "This is a personal thing that's going on with this family.  You all don't know nothing about it."

When we asked her what the personal matter is, she said it was none of our business.

Jetton says she's got an explanation.

"Just rednecks and racist," she said.  "I'm not going to live beside people like that."

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