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Salisbury offering porn to cable customers

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Providing fiber optic service was a no-brainer for the city of Salisbury.

The pay-per-view television alone should add more than 70-thousand dollars to the bottom line.

But to compete with the other available TV options they need to provide porn.

And that makes some of Salisbury's tax payers a bit queasy.

The issue is renewing debate here in Salisbury about the city's plan to compete with cable TV providers and get into the business of offering super high speed internet, cable and telephone.

Through neighborhoods in Salisbury the high speed fiber optic lines have been laid.

And customers like Lisa Cartner couldn't be happier.

Imagine downloading a full-length movie to your computer in a matter of seconds.

Cartner says the high speed internet faster than anything on the market right now will help her in her business.

"It's supposed to be like incredibly fast, faster than I've had anything else before," said Cartner.

The city of Salisbury established Fibrant the name for its internet, cable TV and phone service as a way to lure high-tech companies to the area.

And it promised citizens it would offer everything available now in the marketplace.

But when Fibrant released its channel lineup on cable recently within the programming were adult pay per view channels with names like "Sexsee", "Juicy", and "Vavoom".

Names have been removed now they've got just the first letters.

The city says only those who sign up for the adult programming during installation able to access the pay-per-view adult programming.

With customers turning to satellite and other providers Salisbury says it's offering what its competitors are offering.

But some are uncomfortable with an entity owned and managed by the government doing so.

"I don't see how you can do that.. because as a Christian I'm against it. But I'm not against someone else.. that's their right to choose but if my public funds.. my taxes are used in any way then you're using my money to pay for something I'm against," said Jon Allison a Salisbury resident.


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