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"Corpse" flower blooms at UNC-Charlotte

By Sharon Smith - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It smells like a rat that died under a house five days ago. Or rotting fish. Yet, people flocked to UNC-Charlotte to get a whiff of Bella, the Titan Arum flower.

"It buckles your knees," said Kelly Clemmons.

"Horrible. It smells horrible," said one little boy.

However, Paula Gross, who works at the University's Botanical Gardens, has a completely different take. "This is an attraction," she said.  "Like Chanel No. 5, if you are a carrion beetle or a flesh fly."

The plant comes from Indonesia and mimics the rotting flesh of elephants. The last time it bloomed at UNCC was in 2007.

Within 24 hours, the bloom will be gone and so will the smell.

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