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Scented billboard greets commuters in Mooresville

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Mooresville, NC -

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you are driving along one busy stretch of highway in Mooresville, you may experience the smell of steak wafting through the air.

Commuters driving up and down River Highway, just about three miles from exit 36 on I-77, will likely smell the aroma of a nice, grilled steak. 

Bloom grocery stores are advertising a new type of beef in which they're selling at their stores.

The billboard features the image of a fork and a big, piece of juicy steak.  The billboard also produces the smell of grilled steak for a few hours in the morning and evening when the traffic is the busiest.

"In terms of being creative, with all of the advertising around, you want to be able to jump out and grab the consumer's attention," said Angie Hunter, the Manager of Marketing for Bloom.

A box mounted on the side of the billboard blows the scent of smoky barbeque and black pepper about 30 to 50 yards onto the highway below.  It's the brain-child of Charlotte-based ScentAir Technologies.

"Scent is the sense closest linked to memory and emotion," said Murray Dameron with ScentAir.  "To add it to what you see and hear, completes this multi-sense experience."

The billboard is one of the first of it's kind in this country and a first for Scent Air which typically develops custom fragrances for places like casinos and hotels.

The scent will be strongest between 7 - 10 a.m. and 4 - 7 p.m.   The company claims the scent is safe.  It took care to make sure it blows onto the roadway and not onto nearby businesses.

The billboard will be emitting the steak scent until June 18th.

Bloom stores are looking for feedback on this billboard and ideas for any other scented billboards.  You can feel free to leave your comments by calling 1-866-55-BLOOM.

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