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"Love Week" Volunteer Blitz

By Tonia Bendickson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Many of us celebrated Valentine's day with candy and flowers this past Sunday, a local church is celebrating by spreading LOVE all over the city, all week long.

Leaders from Elevation Church invited me to help cook up breakfast this morning at Charlotte Rescue Mission.  It's one of 80 events this week in an unprecedented outreach effort.

Lead Pastor Steven Furtick shares the vision behind "LOVE WEEK."  "It's really to send a message and to lay a foundation that we want to be known as a church that loves the city and makes it a better place."

Their efforts here are a gift to these men working to overcome homelessness and addiction. Travis Hailey is grateful.

"Sometimes it's chaos in the kitchen, but I like it.  I get to interact with people, people that care about you, and want you to succeed?  Right."

Elevation aimed for five-thousand service hours in one week.

They're expecting now to break seven-thousand or more.

For more on Elevation Church, go to www.elevationchurch.org


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