Team No Sugar

  #TeamNOSugar Success Story: 71-year-old down 50 lbs!

Peggy Deal isn't one to give up easily. So when the longtime Morganton resident's doctor told her she needed to lose 50lbs in order for her to have knee replacement surgery, she immediately started thinking about what she had to do to meet that goal.

  Success Story: #TeamNOSugar follower down 92 lbs!

Lakeya Simpson has struggled with her weight for years. But she was fed up with being unhealthy – so she joined #TeamNOSugar a couple of years ago. Since then she's lost 92 lbs!! And, 32 of those in the past six months alone!

#TeamNOSugar: The Importance of the Bounce Back!

It's time to bounce back - and get back to the movement that changed my life.

#TeamNOSugar: Man loses 20 lbs in 30 days!

Hector Aviles has struggled with his weight for most of his life, but after a stark wake-up call from his doctor last fall, he knew he had to make a lasting change.

#TeamNOSugar: Breast cancer survivor loses nearly 60 pounds

She's a breast cancer survivor and former self-described potato chip junkie.

#TeamNOSugar success story: Charlotte-area couple loses 75 pounds

If anyone knows how challenging #TeamNOSugar is in the beginning, it's Shawn Horton. The West Jefferson man has lost weight before, but has never been able to keep it off long term.

Back at it again! #TeamNOSugar 30 day challenge

For those that struggled today – I would so tomorrow is a new day. Recognize what you need to do differently and get back on board!

#TeamNOSugar Success Story: Grandmother loses 87 lbs in 7 months!

A yo-yo dieter for nearly a decade, the Hickory grandmother could never seem to keep the weight off. Until a routine day at the office led to a hospital trip and grim prediction from her doctor.

#TeamNOSugar Success Story: Charlotte-area woman loses nearly 50 lbs

After seeing my story – and the success I've had on #TeamNOSugar, Fonda was inspired to join the movement and change her life.

#TeamNOSugar 21-day challenge: What I learned

"You must confront to conquer." It was a real gut-check when I read them nearly two years ago and the effect is still the same today.

#TeamNOSugar 2017 - Round THREE!

Now, you likely know my story by now. I've been at this since January of 2013 – and have lost 75lbs since then. But, I've said it before - and I'll keep saying it: ANYONE can do #TeamNOSugar. Anyone!

  #TeamNOSugar Success Stories

I've been telling you for years about my efforts to get healthy on #TeamNOSugar - but it's not just me. I sat down with three women who may lead different lives but their struggles are the same.

Recipe: Brigida Mack’s Shrimp Fried Cauliflower ‘Rice’

WBTV's Brigida Mack shared her #TeamNoSugar approved recipe for Shrimp Fried Cauliflower "Rice". She says she loves it because it's a "healthy swap" for Chinese take-out.

Brigida's Blog: TeamNOSugar is a springboard, not a hammock!

Welp, we're at the end of week one of our second 30 day challenge for TeamNOSugar. You still hanging in there?!