Molly's Kids

September 25th » Hickory Hats

A knit hat worn on Liliane Burge was made by a group of elementary school students in Hickory.

  SEPTEMBER 24 >> Tiny Princess in a Big-Hearted Town

This is the sweet girl who we surprised over the summer with a Minnie Mouse meet-and-greet. If you don’t remember that, a link to the video is at the bottom of this post.

SEPTEMBER 23 >> Christopher Teems (#MollysKids)

Oh, this breaks a heart. 7-year-old Christopher Teems is yet another one of our #MollysKids this month living with DIPG.

September 22nd >> Isabella. First Name Only.

Isabella Santos had an orphan cancer with 40% chance of survival, was diagnosed at the age of two, relapsed five times in five years and ultimately died at 7 years old.

September 21 >> Alex Bogran/Coffee (#MollysKids)

Alex’s journey led the family to launch a foundation and an online coffee shop.

September 20 >> Rainbow Camp (#MollysKids)

Iredell County's Camp Rainbow helps kids learn to grieve. All the campers have lost a loved one, and all attend for free.

September 19 » Can’t wait to get home

Lilyanna is an itty-bitty little thing taking strong poisons to kill her cancer. Since our most recent update on her in March, she’s received 19 rounds of proton radiation, 5 rounds of busulfan chemo, several oral medications AND a bone marrow transplant.

September 18th » Firefighter John

So he’s 22. Not exactly a “kid”. But after getting diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma late last year – a rare bone cancer most common in children and young adults – John Latham has had a rough go of it.

September 17 » You’ve come a long way, baby

#MollysKids Greyson Stephens is battling Ewing Sarcoma and was the youngest person ever to receive a hemiglossectomy.

September 16 >> Old School Panthers & Zach Ramsey (#MollysKids)

Molly's Kids: Sept. 16- Zach Ramsey

September 15 >> Getting Ready for a Gala

The Storybook Gala will be held on September 22 at The Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte.

September 14 >> One in Remission and Another?

Ivy and Aubree have a large family, six kids under the age of 10, and they’ve all been celebrating Ivy while also starting to gain concern for Aubree.

September 13 >> TJ Anderson golf tournament (#MollysKids)

Storm is coming. Yes. But it's still "30 Kids. 30 Stories. 30 Days." and today we're talking about this photo of TJ Anderson and his dad Travis. It makes you want to grab your own kids.

September 12 >> Easy as 1-2-3...

Pediatric cancer is not easy… but sharing this list is.

#Molly’s Kids: Kaylee Pennell

Molly's Kids focuses on Kaylee Pennell and her 11 months of being cancer-free!

#MollysKids: September 10th Pillows and Books

Retired teacher Margaret Hayes has been handmaking pillows for #MollysKids for a couple years. She said she read about the September push to help kids with pediatric cancer and got a crazy idea.

#Molly’s Kids: September 9th- Colin’s Surgery

Molly's Kids feature for September 9th- Colin Case

#MollysKids: Michelle Tester September 8th

At 25 years old, Michelle Tester is not a “kid.” But this Lenoir woman was diagnosed with a pediatric cancer that has ripped her life apart and being that our goal is to feature pediatric cancers in September, her story is worth sharing.

SEPTEMBER 7th >> Action? You want ACTION? (#MollysKids)

Awareness is nice, ACTION is what gets things done.

September 6: Gentle Giant heads to heaven

There is no easy way to say what must be said next, so I’ll just say it: Michael died two days ago. His mom, Laura, knew Michael was going to be our September story for today, September 6th.

Molly's Kids: Daughter of CMPD officer with neurological disorder

The neurological disorder she has is related to spina bifida, and limited movement in her spinal cord at birth.

Molly's Kids: Ever heard of Klippel-Feil Syndrome Awareness Day? It's today.

Born to a homeless woman addicted to meth, Dee was adopted at birth by Janey Lawson. Since then, life has been a nonstop medical battle for this soon-to-be 4th grader from Lenoir.

Molly's Kids: Surprise! Mackenzie Meets Minnie WBTV News

Mackenzie is battling DIPG, a nasty brain tumor, but she got to meet her Disney hero in our WBTV News lobby.

Molly’s Kids: Tourette Syndrome. Educate yourself for this 10-year-old boy.

Christian can't control what his body does. He makes "tick" noises.

Molly's Kids: Hunter Tindal, now part of the Naked Neck Club

Hunter is also now ventilator-free, and his diaphragm that was once paralyzed is functioning at 100 percent.

Molly's Kids: 5-year-old Charlotte girl honors the rescuers who saved her life

It starts four years ago when Lauren Hawking was only a year old. She went into cardiac arrest and her mom Anne called 911. Police officers and medics arrived and resuscitated her.

Molly's Kids: Victory Lane Indoor Karting for Hickory's Ty Yelton

July 4th. Slow newsroom. Gives me time to relay this quick update on Ty Yelton. We first met Ty as one of our new amazing #MollysKids last week. Since then, this Hickory 11 year old has had some good things happen.

Molly's Kids: Mackenzie Lynn Barron. Three years old. DIPG. Not fair.

Mackenzie Lynn Barron, 3, (from Omaha, NE but recently moved to Indian Land, SC) fell and hit her head so hard back in April, her parents had to take her to the emergency room.

Molly's Kids: 5-year-old Anna Elder, battling Rett Syndrome, doing great!

"The beach is one of Anna's favorite places to be. The bigger the waves, the bigger her smile."

Do you want your child featured in #MollysKids for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month?

There are too many kids battling. There should be a cure.

Molly's Kids: Michael Taylor, the gentle giant from Gastonia

Michael Taylor, 18, is described as a "gentle giant" from Gastonia. Loves hanging with friends, has a passion for sports and is a recent graduate of Piedmont Community Charter.

Meet the newest one of our amazing #MollysKids, Ty Yelton in Hickory

Ty's life isn't exactly like that of other kids. His dad says he has hemiplegic cerebral palsy, multiple types of seizures, ADHD and anxiety disorde

Molly's Kids: Lenoir 7-year-old fighting goes to Disney

Noah, who lives in Lenoir, has been battling rough infections. He'll continue chemo until March.

Molly's Kids: Happy Birthday 3-year-old Carson Rivers of Gaston County

"This journey has been difficult. But I love watching him grow up. He is an inspiration."

Molly's Kids: Only $750,000 to go!

Congrats, Finn and family, and thank you Mark. These many baby steps are equaling big ones.

Molly’s Kids: Aubrey Bridges graduates college (she took Steve Smith to prom!)

Aubrey Bridges, the North Gaston HS graduate who took former NFL star Steve Smith to her prom, graduated from Winthrop Think College Program this weekend.

#MollysKids: Zach Casillo on his way to Philadelphia

Zach Casillo is on his way to Philadelphia. The picture on the left is when we facetimed 14-year-old Zach into the Dream On 3 gala in January... he was supposed to be there in person but was too sick to come. Doctors orders. So we last-minute navigated a way to bring him into the ballroom, through technology.