Forever Family

  Forever Family: Meet Josiah

I am so pleased to introduce you this week to Josiah, a soft-spoken, genteel 9-year old boy who is hoping to be adopted and would be a perfect fit for a family not wanting a loud, rambunctious atmosphere around the home.

Forever Family: Meet Jordan!

There is a magical moment that sneaks up on you as a parent of a child with special needs. A moment you never expect. As a parent of a child with Autism I can tell you that as a family we grieved in a unique way.

Forever Family - Meet Makiyah!

“Because I get to sit over there by the newscasters,” That was how Makiyah sheepishly responded to Ashley McKinley, one of the Forever Family Coordinators, when asked why she was smiling so big after her interview with our Forever Family crew.

Forever Family: Meet Elmer

This 10-year-old may have a voice that is meek and quiet, but his spirit and his love of family is anything but that. Elmer, the younger of the two boys is hoping to find a family that will let him stay with his brother forever.

Meet Hezy, this week’s Forever Family Child

From the moment we met 12 year old Hezy, we knew that our day was going to be full of nonstop talking.

Forever Family: Meet Ethan

The smile is not simply because of the possibility of a wrapped box that may contain a “red ryder BB gun” instead Ethan’s smile will be beaming because the greatest gift of all is right in front of him, the ability to finally be able to say once and for all “I’m HOME!”

Forever Family: Meet Z

More than anything else Z wants a family. She desires to have a place to call home, a title to hold within a family, a chance for someone to call her a daughter.

Forever Family: Meet Austin

Austin LOVES life, this is a boy who doesn't just show up or merely participate. This is a child who is always ready to go, ready to thrive, ready to excel and ready to share that love of life with others!

Forever Family: Chandler

So it came as no surprise to me when Chandler told me about his goals.

Forever Family: Meet Demi and Ethan

Forever Family: Meet Demi and Ethan

  Forever Family: Meet Adoni

Not only does Adoni have the sweet All-American boy appearance, but he encompasses this persona with his charming personality.

Forever Family: Meet Paul and Elmer

Our hope is that one day soon Paul will be able to put up a tent in the backyard, roast marshmallows see his kid brother Elmer in the sleeping bag next to him and know they are safe, loved, and together once and for all.

Forever Family: Meet Iradessa

This sweet little girl's favorite activity each month is when she gets together with her siblings.

Forever Family: Meet Spirit

In this week's Forever Family segment I went on a lake adventure with Spirit and loved taking with someone so selfless, hard-working, and who strives to put her best foot forward.

Forever Family: Meet Destiny

Destiny is such a strong and smart young lady!  She's been through a lot, which goes without saying almost when talking about any child without a family.

Forever Family: Let Devon melt your heart

This week we featured a precious young boy, Devon!  He is only 4 years old and already he knows his ABCs, how to ride his bike and how to make everyone in a room burst-out laughing!

Forever Family: Meet Nyema

This was a special week for me because I love music so much and thankfully so does Nyema, who is this week's Forever Family child hoping for her very own family one day soon.

Forever Family: Jamario

See and hear his story here and see if you might find it in your heart to make them a part of your forever family.

Forever Family: La Duffy

La Duffy is a special needs child who is nonverbal, but none of that can mask his heart and soul which is clearly filled with love and joy.

Forever Family: Sunniyah

Sunniyah has a sparkling personality, bright mind and nothing shines brighter in her life than her two siblings, who she loves dearly.

  Forever Family: Meet Yedaiah

In this week's Forever Family segment, we meet Yedaiah who is a lovely young lady!  With some kids you can tell immediately they would instantly add tons of fun to any household.

Forever Family: Meet Tyler

Our fans and viewers of WBTV have been asking about the children we feature and when we will show a success story. No question, this process does take time and for good reason, everyone wants to make sure a perfect match is found between the child and their new family.

Forever Family: Meet Gjizelle

This adorable 7-year-old exudes and radiates love! She is a genuinely happy child who loves to play indoors and outside. And be ready to snuggle with her during quiet time!

Forever Family: Jayden

Of course if you watch this video clip, you'll realize there isn't a mean bone in his adorable body!

Forever Family: Tianza

Don't procrastinate!  Tianza is one of the happiest people I have ever met, and I am sure you will agree!

Forever Family: Meet Chance and Chase

You better not waste any time picking up the phone this week, because we have double the fun with two young twin boys who are overflowing with personality! This set of twins had us laughing non-stop and I wasn't the only one!

Forever Family: Meet Freddys

I hope you had a chance to see our Forever Family feature this week, if not, now's your chance.  This young man's name is Freddys (not a typo).  Oh believe me, he is full of energy, life and such a positive outlook. He has plenty of confidence in himself despite the fact I did everything possible to take him down on the go-cart track!  We had a blast at Frankie's Fun Park and enjoyed all kinds of fun and games.

Forever Family: Meet C.J.

I had a blast getting to know him and I hope you will too, take a look at the video!

Forever Family: Meet Jordan

He probably wouldn't want me to say this, but Jordan is as endearing and charming a young man you'll meet.

Forever Family: Meet Glenn

Please say hello to Glenn, he is young and energetic and he is looking for a family that is outgoing and playful, a family that will support his dreams, and allow him to stay in touch with his biological sister.