For Your Safety

  How to prep your house before Hurricane Florence

How to prepare your house for Hurricane Florence.

  Back To School Safety: Ballistic Inserts for Backpacks

An increasing demand for security in that country is what inspired the creation of a variety of ballistic resistant apparel to be made available to the general public.

For Your Safety: Bicycle Safety in Uptown Charlotte

While developers are working on everything from parking to road expansion and re-designation of lanes to accommodate cycles.

For Your Safety: Security at Large Gatherings

In this day and age, predictions of widespread violent protests accompany any large national event, regardless of where it will be held.

For your safety: Pros and cons of assisting police during confrontations

One of the greatest concerns of any police officer is that they get disarmed by a violent offender and the gun is used against both them and innocent persons in the area.

For Your Safety: Protecting your drink from drugs

It's becoming very apparent that safety and security is now a major concern when spending an evening out, not only in our local bars, but in establishments across the United States.

For Your Safety - Today's Society of Perceived Security versus Real Security

you cannot create or implement any type of security plan, whether for your family, your office, or your community, until you have a complete understanding of the threats you are trying to protect yourself from.

For Your Safety: Lessons learned from Pulse Nightclub

Now, two years later, there are some valuable lessons for personal safety that we've learned from this event.

For Your Safety: Video and Audio Devices and Your Privacy

Whether it's a baby monitor, a gaming station on your TV, an audio device in your living room or even, video and audio monitoring devices in your vehicle, you must be aware of how these devices work.

For Your Safety: Vacationing in Mexico

I'd like to share with you some safety and security concerns that surround any upcoming travel you may be considering to Mexico.

BLOG: Don’t ignore your ‘gut feeling’

I would be remiss this week if I did not write about safety at public events following the devastating attack at the Manchester Arena in England Monday night. So many people have asked me, “What could we have done if we had been there?”  Please understand that identifying a threat often only applies if you physically observe an individual that gives you a gut feeling that something isn’t right. As of this writing, not enough video surveillance footage...

BLOG: Daycare safety

Daycare centers have been in the news a lot lately.  Nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of our children, so I thought this would be a good topic to share. For expert advice on this topic, I turned to the folks at, an online community that connects caregivers and parents.  Here are five common issues they say that parents should look at regarding a safe daycare.  Let's explore each of these items. 1. Lack of Adequate Supervisio...

BLOG: Preventing abduction

For many of us, when we hear the word "abduction," scenes from the movie Taken come to mind.  While certain things in that movie are accurate in the area of tradecraft, seldom are criminal abductions so filled with mystery and suspense, especially from the perspective of the victim. Like any other crime prevention issue we discuss, having a plan is essential.  But first, here's some background information on the topic. Hollywood has fashioned our perception ...