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WBTV is proud to partner with Komen Charlotte for "Race for the Cure", the largest annual 5k in Charlotte, on October 5th!

Join us, as we join 25,000 people in Uptown Charlotte.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR TEAMS: Team John -- Team Molly.

All the money raised helps the uninsured and underinsured pay for breast cancer treatments, get regular check-ups and help find a cure. 75-percent of donations stay in the Charlotte-Metro region and helps your neighbors. The other 25% goes to the national Susan G. Komen Foundation to aid with education and research.

WBTV wants to help find a cure in our lifetime.

Anchors Molly Grantham and John Carter each have a team... they have plenty of fun getting you guys involved. (Maybe you'll see them talk a little trash and send each other video messages on TV and Facebook??) Ultimately Molly and John are on the same page, wanting YOU to join THEM in the celebration of life and love.

As you might know, Molly has a long history of breast cancer in her family. John is a proud cancer survivor himself. Read more on their individual Team Page Links above.


  • Register on the Team Page Links. Either team! Doesn't matter!
  • You don't need to run -- you can walk, push a stroller, wear a tutu or just come out and clap.
  • It's a $35 donation registration fee.
  • For that $35 you get two t-shirts; one from Komen and one from WBTV.
  • If you can't show up that day you can still join the team and get the two 2-shirts. Just click on the "Sleep in for a Cure" option!

Saturday, October 5th - See you there!

Scroll down to see more information about this year's race and pictures from last year!

  • Join Team "WBTV Boob Tube"

  • Join WBTV and Komen in the "Race for the Cure" as we strive to put an end to breast cancer.

    WBTV's Boob Tube has two teams for 2013 - join us!

    Team John | Team Molly

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