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This site is a culmination of a project and partnership between JCSU faculty and WBTV News and Sales.
It began in November 2011 as a BIG IDEA of a group of JCSU professors who believed teaching students skills in digital story-telling would uniquely prepare them to learn, grow, and participate in the upcoming Democratic National Convention, WBTV News who committed to mentor young reporters, and like-minded sponsors who supported student’s work by funding timeslots to air their stories.

What resulted was the maturation of a group of extraordinary young people who overcame significant obstacles to get the following stories, and articulately tell them.

Stories unite us as people, and promote greater understanding between diverse cultures. When we hear another person’s story, we connect as humans, and that empathy breaks the power of racial and social prejudices. The ready availability of digital technology and social media platforms have enabled these students to communicate effectively, and give a voice to the rich heritage of Charlotte’s Westside, as well as relevant current issues to both an urban and GLOBAL community.

YouTubeThis is the story of one student, Charles Jones, who made a difference---and inspired the RUN-DNC 2012 project. Actions of Charlotte’s Westside Community were instrumental in peacefully overturning institutionalized segregation during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. The project began with students giving a voice to these largely untold, compelling “Westside Stories” of sacrifice and courage---paying forward for the opportunities of today.

RUN DNC Pathfinders to Africa EV Challenge

Through sponsorship of the Georgia delegation, the students of RUN-DNC 2012 were granted access to many of the activities of the DNC, interacted with both ordinary and influential people, and participated! Click here for their reports along with their unique perspectives of the experience.

Over the summer, several students extended their experience and internship by travelling to Kenya alongside the Mobile Messengers of the With Open Eyes Foundation, and continued on to South Africa to gain a global perspective and tell the stories of people on the other side of the world.

Improving our air quality and reducing US dependence on imported oil are two of the benefits of developing electric vehicles as an alternative to petroleum-fueled.  The EV Challenge, a project that aims to engage students to find solutions to our transportation problems and inspire high- schoolers to pursue careers in science, engineering and technology, showcased the collaboration of high-school students to convert a gasoline-powered car to electric drive. The student journalists of RUN-DNC chronicled the project, and also reported on other stories of sustainability.

These are the extraordinary students that contributed the content of this digitelling project:

Anika Vanisse Cobb is the student coordinator of the RUN DNC campaign, and an early graduating senior majoring in Communication Arts at Johnson C. Smith University. Growing up with two military parents taught her that diversity and an open mind will help any company to succeed and grow. Eager to learn, Anika served as a WBTV intern, a university ambassador, and event staff coordinator for the Golden Bulls Activities Committee. Upon graduation in December 2012, Ms. Cobb hopes to stay in Charlotte and secure a position in special projects/community relations.

Anika Cobb Tyeisha Crutchfield, a rising Senior at Johnson C. Smith University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, with a focus is public relations and marketing. Her charisma and personality set her apart: vibrant, fun, personable, her energy is contagious. She has interned with a local newspaper in Montgomery Village, Maryland, the Small Business Administration and WBTV News in Charlotte, NC, but is most proud of receiving a full scholarship to study abroad in Senegal, Africa. She is very grateful for her many opportunities, and aims to pour back into this world.

Tyeisha Crutchfield
Lance Gill, a music business graduate from JCSU, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Lance has started 2 companies and is in the process of getting his series 7 certificate. He lives by the words "quitters never win, winners never quit" and keeps focus through all the craziness life throws at him. He refuses to punch a clock and keeps both hands on the wheel to success. His ultimate goal is to be a serial entrepreneur and touch every industry.

Lance Gill Taylor Hasselrig is a graduating senior from JCSU, originally from Pittsburgh, PA. Taylor was a student leader for the RUN DNC in Public Relations and web-based aspects of the outreach. As a motivated Mass Communication major with an interest in Sports Marketing and Broadcasting, Taylor is looking for full-time career employment.

Taylor Hasselrig
Nichelle Heard is a sophomore at JCSU from Atlanta, GA interested in event planning and non-profit organizations. She spends her summers as a children's party planner.
Nichelle Heard Phillip Henry is a sophomore at JCSU studying Computer Engineering. Phillip is a student ambassador, originally from Canada but raised in South Carolina, giving him a world view from both domestic and international eyes. Phillip is eager to do things that inspire change in others, which is why he was attracted to the RUN-DNC project---a chance to create change within the Charlotte community.

Phillip Henry
Regina Jones, a rising junior at JCSU from Jamaica, describes herself as “a vibrant, God-fearing, strong, fearless and multi-talented individual”. She is pursuing a double major in Biology and Chemistry. Regina’s unique ability to smile, especially through trials, shows her trust in God and faith that everything will be alright. Her philosophy: “Make it count”! In everything you do, assume it’s your one and only shot, and do it to the best of your ability. When times get tough, and the only voice you hear is your own, fight the fight and “Make it count!”

Regina Jones Camillya Masunda is a senior at Johnson C. Smith University pursuing a degree in political science, with a focus on women in politics. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Camillya has been actively involved in volunteer programs such as Communities in Schools, and Safe Journey, and is a current member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Camillya Masunda
Laylaa Randera is a sophomore from South Africa. Laylaa was an ambassador for JCSU's Pathfinders trip to Kenya filming the mission work of With Open Eyes. With Open Eyes, a Charlotte-based mission founded by the Coca-Cola Bottling family, provided scholarships for students to work alongside their Mobile Messengers in African villages. Check out Laylaa's story and her video on the journey in Africa.
Laylaa Randera Dineo Liziwe Seakamela, born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, a rising sophomore at JCSU, is exploring studies in Communication Arts. Dineo’s talent is to be effectively sociable and communicative with people who are different: culturally, characteristically and ideologically. She has a passion for the arts, graduating from high school with dramatic arts honors and serving as the deputy chairperson of the cultural committee. She believes: “ in all that you do: live fearlessly, laugh hysterically and sprinkle love wherever you go.”
Dineo Seakamela
Brittney “Symone” Smith, from Greensboro, NC, is a recent graduate from Johnson C. Smith University with a bachelor's in Mass Communications. A strong dedicated and personable young woman with a natural work ethic, Brittney is currently seeking a career position in journalism, public relations, or marketing.
Symone Smith    
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