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The RUN-DNC 2012 project was started to teach students skills in digital story-telling that would would uniquely prepare them to learn, grow, and participate in the Democratic National Convention held here in Charlotte.

They reported on what they did and saw....and then wrote about what they experienced as a young person in the midst of a world event. These are their stories:

The making of a Political Activist
by Camillya Masunda

Camillya MasundaLast week, I was blessed with opportunity to attend events at the Democratic National Convention in my hometown of Charlotte, NC. I've seen my city change and grow in every aspect, but the DNC is the largest major event that I have ever witnessed! It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of history. I saw and heard First Lady Michelle Obama twice, first at the Black Caucus and again accompanied by Jill Biden at the Women Caucus. She touched home on issues concerning children and family, and fighting for our rights. As I looked around, I saw tears straming down from women's faces both young and old.

I worked to register people to vote with the Obama Campaign at CarolinaFest and enjoyed the Georgia Delegation Black Tie Gala. At any given moment, you could be standing next to 18 year-old delegate from Texas to a 85 year-old delegate from Georgia, it didn't matter the race, age, class, or sexual orientation, this DNC was about freedom, unity and being a citizen of the United States.

At LGBT Caucus, I listened to Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, NJ speak from the heart, talking about his humble background and family...not black, white, or Latino, gay or straight, but as Americans. He spoke with conviction on the work and progress President Obama has madeand the importance of supporting our president in the fight to keep moving the country forward. Mayor Booker took time out to stop and speak and take pictures with a group of inspired students from JCSU.

The President’s speech was the perfect ending...and the beginning of a highly motivated and inspired year not only as a Johnson C. Smith University Student but as a fired up political activist ready to work.

Unconventional women at Political Parity Event
by Anika Cobb

Anika Cobb"Why do my legs matter when running the race "? was one of the question posed when Women including judge Gloria Allred and Congress woman Terri Sewell gathered in the Kanvas bistro in uptown Charlotte for the unconventional women's Political Parity event on Tuesday September 4. The event highlighted the ways in which the media exploits women through sexist videos, photos and comments and encouraged young women to acknowledge their responsibility to vote.

Judge Allred read aloud a letter written to Rush Limbaugh chastising him for criticizing women for speaking out for their rights and calling them feme-nazis. Congresswoman Sewell explained the challenges of being the first black female and first democrat elected to the council in Selma Alabama. Sewell stated, you don't know how many times I was asked, "why are you running for office and not getting married?" a question that would never be posed to a man. Allred recalls how many times the media commented on her attire oppose to her attributes brought to the judicial system. The provocative discussion ended with congresswoman Sewell giving an acronym for the VOTE below.

First Lady Makes it Personal
by Laylaa Randera

DNCThe First Lady exemplifies that behind every great man, there is a powerful woman. And passionately powerful she most definitely is! Michelle Obama captured the audience at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte on Tuesday, September 4,2012. She was not only a portrayal of the power that resides within a woman, but also sincerely voiced the importance of many of the current issues faced by the common citizen. Her words were compassionate and touched the hearts of each and every person listening. The First Lady put her heart on her sleeve by professing her love for her husband, President Barrack Obama. At the end of her speech, a large majority of the viewers were teary eyed. As the saying goes, “love conquers all.”

Michelle Obama stirred the hearts of many a family unit. In a world where divorce rates are steadily increasing and children are not given a balanced parental home, she made clear the dire importance there is to have a strong and loving family. Although they are the presidential family, Michelle states that, “My daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world.” When speaking about her husband, Michelle says that, “I knew I had found a kindred spirit, someone whose values and upbringing were so much like mine.” The values instilled, in each individual of the Presidential couple, allows both of them to keep strong and happy even in the face of all the strife and problems that they deal with on a daily basis. Mrs. Obama is the compassionate component that softens yet accentuates the gutsy and logical persona of her husband. The Presidential couple is truly a force to be reckoned with, and at the same time, a shoulder to lean on. Four more years!

DNC A Political Education
by Regina Jones

Regina JonesBeing an international student from Jamaica, I didn’t know what to expect from the DNC, and my ignorance was the driving force for my anticipation and excitement. Sunday September 2nd began my official DNC experience with a barbeque hosted by the Georgia delegates here in Charlotte, NC on beautiful Lake Wylie. My first barbeque, and surrounded by exquisite and sophisticated people sharing one common goal; re-electing President Barack Obama.

The week progressed with events aimed at promoting the president and his hopes for the next 4 years if re-elected. Monday I went to a black tie event--my most anticipated and favorite experience. I was honored to be in the presence of the delegates and other important people. Tuesday morning was U-Future –a summit for innovative young thinkers hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus. I saw Hill Harper, Nicole Parker and Alfred Woodard, hosts of the event. Also present were several congressmen, and professionals ready to answer the relevant questions we students asked.

My role during the DNC was to work at WBTV as an intern and help out in whatever way I could. It was a wonderful experience for me because I saw what it was like inside the newsroom and banished my inaccurate preconceived notions. I was thrilled to be in the control room during a live recording of the 12 o’clock news.

YouTubeThese four days were absolutely amazing! Seeing how Democrats joined together to celebrate their anticipated victory, and despite protests and persons from the other party speaking ill of Barack Obama, they remained calm and focused on their ultimate goal. I watched President Barack Obama’s speech from home, but I considered myself privileged to even be in Charlotte. This is a man with a vision. A man who by having a sweet heart, is compelled to do something about suffrage and people broken in spirit. I am honored to have been a part of this momentous and historic couple of days for Charlotte, NC.

Congressional Black Caucus touts Importance of Voter Registration
by Tyeisha Crutchfield

MichelleObamaThe Congressional Black Caucus supports movements that will positively affect the African-American race; at the Democratic National Convention, that was to motivate its people to re-elect President Barack Obama.

Introduced by her brother, Craig Robinson, First Lady Michelle Obama stepped into the room, people swarmed to their feet. She stated that in 2008, President Obama won North Carolina by 5 votes per precinct, and Florida by 35 votes per precinct. She urged everyone to go and get between 5 to 35 people registered to vote in the final 60 days of this election.

When First Lady Obama was finished speaking, the entire room was inspired…she encouraged those ready to vote Obama to find and motivate others to do the same. As she eloquently made the case for her husband, she got the people “Fired Up, & Ready to Go.”

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