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This app is absolutely free. Download ConnecTV for your iPad, Mac or PC.

Download for PC, Mac or iPad

Introducing ConnecTV. A new app for your iPad, PC and Mac. Now watch your favorite shows with friends any time, any place.

Here's how it works. When you change the channel, the ConnecTV app will automatically pick up the sound, recognize the program you are watching, and sync with other viewers watching the same show.

No need to text your friends or keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter while you watch. Let ConnecTV be your guide with Facebook and Twitter built right in. Chat with friends in real time and share the best TV moments with a touch of a button.

Plus, you'll get new features about the show you're watching. Now watch the game and get real time stats and other scores. Watch reality shows and see behind-the-scenes details on your favorite stars.

Read the Full News Release Here This is a public Beta test. Let us know how you like it.
Coming soon to Android tablets and Smart Phones. For a continually updated list of participating networks and local affiliates as well as
supported second screen devices, please visit
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