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  • Public History and Digitelling

  • Public History focuses on sharing a culture’s “living stories” in pictures, film, oral narratives, and multimedia displays. JCSU’s Westside stories will introduce website readers to the vast and rich stories that they find within Charlotte’s West side. More than 200 JCSU students and the university’s faculty are involved in this ongoing project. Students take to the streets and homes and businesses of the people who live and work in Charlotte. Armed with cameras and curiosity, they have committed to capturing the views and thoughts of people they encounter.

    Since the start of the year, students have already met significant leaders who have made a difference in Charlotte’s history and its present. They have been inspired by those who share their stories.

    WBTV supports this community project developed by Johnson C. Smith University. Throughout 2012, we will share students stories on our air and support their journey to enlighten and educate not only our own community, but that of the nation as it comes to Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention in September. Look for their stories on Saturday and Sunday mornings on WBTV throughout the year. We will also provide a link here to a number of their stories that we air.

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